The Barley Loaf is Coming

Good Morning and Shabbat Shalom. Wellspring Israel, Jim Laymon and Debbie Laymon could not be on FB Live last night but I wanted to give a brief teaching to help you stay in the season and timing of the Lord. We are now in the Biblical calendar called the counting of the Omer. This is the 50 days between Passover and Pentecost (the Red Sea and the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai.) Also it is the 50 days between Yeshua’s resurrection and His ascension.The Feast of Passover is about the Barley Harvest. At the resurrection of Yeshua, the High Priest was waving the first fruit of a Barley stalk to the Adonai. Yeshua, our risen Messiah fulfills First Fruits because He is the First Fruit of our Salvation and Deliverance.Back to the Barley. In Judges 6-7 there is a story of a young prophet named Gideon. Because Israel had forgotten to honor God’s Feasts and worshipped the the god’s of their day, the Midianites had pillaged their harvest. Gideon is in the wine press hiding when God calls him to save the people of Israel. He is hesitant to follow and obey. In the process (it is a great story of deliverance) a Israelite man has a vision of the Midianites being destroyed by a gigantic BARLEY LOAF rolling down the mountain and running over all the enemy. Hollywood could not write a better script. I can just hear the Midianites screaming, “the Barley Loaf is coming.” This is a picture of the Barley Harvest of First Fruits. This story takes place during the Counting of the Omer. Wow, because you have Honored Adonai’s Appointed time the Barley Loaf is destroying your enemy and all his theft upon and over you. Can you join me this Shabbat and Praise Yeshua, King Jesus our First Fruits deliver, “THE BARLEY LOAF IS COMING!”Here is some Good News. Father God, Adonai doesn’t want you to miss out on the 9 Blessings of Passover. So if you missed honoring and celebrating Passover 2021 you still can. On April 26, 2021 you can honor Passover because this day is called Passover of Second Chance, Pesach Sheni. God so wants to bless you and your household gives a second opportunity for those who missed Passover at the beginning of this month. Worship the Lord on April 26th by Thanking Adonai for Yeshua, King Jesus being the Passover Lamb without blemish, the First Fruits of our Salvation. Give an offering of Thanks because we are not to come empty handed to the Feasts of the Lord. So, this month of April you get experience God’s covenant days. The Barley Loaf is coming! Shalom!

Seven Places Yeshua, King Jesus Bled as The Passover Lamb

Jesus Shed His Blood Seven Places:

How many know we’ve been redeemed by the Blood of the Passover Lamb?  Do you know what we’ve been redeemed from?  Do you know where Jesus Blood was shed?  Yes, the Cross!  But did you know that Jesus shed His blood seven places and seven different times?  Seven times that you and I might be forgiven of our sins, and set free from the bondage of sin and the iniquities that have been passed down to our families.

1.    Jesus Shed His Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane to Redeem our WILL

2.    Jesus Shed His Blood at the whipping post to Redeem us From Sickness

3.    Jesus Shed His Blood with the Crown of Thorns to break the Curse of Poverty

4.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Nail Pierced Hands to Restore our Dominion

5.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Nail Pierced Feet to Restore our Authority

6.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Spear-Pierced Side to Heal our Broken Heart

7. Jesus Bruised His Heal (a bleeding on the inside) to break the Power of Iniquity.

Not only did Yeshua redeem us from the curse of sin but each one of the plagues mentioned in Exodus is also mentioned in Revelations. What is in the natural in the Old Testament is in the spiritual in the New Testament. God’s Judgment is always about mercy and grace, redemption and revival, and His salvation (solo) completely happening upon the earth.

1st plague: blood – Water is turned to blood in Exodus 7:20 and Rev. 8:8; 16:4.

2nd plague; frogs – Frogs inhabit the land in Exodus 8:6 and are described in Rev. 16:13-14.

3rd plague: gnats – Gnats (lice) cover the land in Exodus 8:17 and may be described in Rev. 6:7-8; 9:1-11.

4th plague: flies – Flies (swarms) overtake and destroy the land in Exodus 8:24 and are described in Rev. 6:7-8; perhaps also 9:1-11.

5th plague: livestock disease – While Goshen is protected, disease strikes livestock in Exodus 9:6 and Rev. 6:7-8; perhaps also 9:1-11.

6th plague: boils – While Goshen seems to be protected, boils and sores cover people and animals in Exodus 9:10 and Rev. 16:2, 11.

7th plague: hail – While Goshen seems to be protected, hail destroys the land in Exodus 9:23-24 and Rev. 8:7; 16:21.

8th plague: locusts – While Goshen seems to be protected, locusts swarm the land in Exodus 10:13-15 and Rev. 6:7-8; 9:1-11.

9th plague: darkness – While Goshen is protected, thick darkness covers the land in Exodus 10:22 and Rev. 16:10.

10th plague: death – While all who apply the blood of a lamb to the doorposts of their homes are protected, the death of every first born male occurs in Exodus 12:29. The book of Revelation indicates one third of humankind perishes during the end times. (Rev. 9:15, 19:19-21)

God engineered each of the ten plagues to magnify His name and display His redemptive glory. His judgments should not be seen as primarily punitive in nature, but as His righteous administration of justice. Bear in mind that the Hebraic concept of justice includes mercy. This is why many Egyptians turned to Adonai, joined faith with the Israelites and left Egypt together with them in the exodus. (Exodus 12:38) The Egyptians’ turning to God was the result of His redemptive mercy. Similarly, God’s end times judgments should be seen as His righteous administration of justice more than as punishment. Because of His redemptive mercy, multitudes will turn to Him in a wonderful and final, global harvest.

Nine Blessings of Passover

Passover Preparation: Passover starts this Sunday, March 28th

Would you agree with me…we need higher levels of protection, provision, health, and authority with every promotion in 2021?

While celebrating Passover, the yearly gift from God of the 9 blessings of Passover is especially designed to answer that purpose.

Of the many wonderful things that happen at Passover, the 9 blessings of Passover God grants us stand not only an honor to receive, but as a necessity for us to answer God’s call on our lives!

But where does God’s Word speak of these 9 blessings? What can we expect when we set our feet under our Father’s Passover table?
According to Exodus 23 Passover has 9 blessings, each with unique importance for our transition into the next season and deeper levels of intimacy with Christ.

These blessings are:

  1. Divine Protection, Exodus 23:20
  2. Protection from Enemies through Positioning and Alignment,
    Exodus 23:22
  3. Commissioning of Divine Authority, Exodus 23:24
  4. Supernatural Health and Kingdom Prosperity, Exodus 23:25
  5. Covenant Protection for Multiplication and Longevity,
    Exodus 23:26
  6. A Godly Release of Fear and Respect from Enemies,
    Exodus 23:27
  7. Relief from the Threat of Enemies, Exodus 23:28
  8. The Gift of Dominion and an Increased, Exodus 23:30
  9. Freedom from Corrupt Covenants, Exodus 23:33

Without these 9 blessings we are missing a specific designed piece from God. One that is meant to fit into our calling and purpose.
Wellspring Israel, you can see my video teaching at, Friday night, March 20, 2021.

Preparation For Passover: PRAISE!

Passover begins March 28 and goes through April 4, 2021

Every month of the Hebrew Calendar is linked to the twelve tribes of Israel. The month of Nissan is linked to the Tribe of Judah. Judah goes first in all the battles of Israel. They are the apostolic tribe, warring tribe, who knew how to operate with sound and praise. Judah goes forth in the battle with a sound of PRAISE! Note: This is also the time in the spring when Kings go off to war (2 Sam. 10:1) When David should of been celebrating the Passover season and preparing for the Feast of Passover, he was looking at Bathsheba and fell into Adultry. Allow this season to war for your covenant promises; do not hesitate to loose a sound of praise that will loose you a new dimension of victory and wholeness. Chuch Pierce says this is a season, “to arise your faith, declare power in the blood of Jesus has set you free, and declare the path of healing and miracles.”
Wellspring Israel

The Parallels of Passover and Yeshua, King Jesus!

For Messianic Jews and Gentiles who have been awakened to our Jewish Roots, Passover is a Feast where Yeshua, King Jesus is the fulfillment of the Spring Feast of the Lord. Here are some parallels to consider:

Moses commanded the children of Israel to mark their homes with the blood of the Passover lambs. They were to dip hyssop into the blood and smear it on their doorposts. Although Passover was thereafter celebrated annually, the Israelite homes were never again smeared with blood from the Passover lambs. The smearing with blood was a one-time ritual. Every Passover thereafter, the blood of the Passover lambs was splashed on the altar in the Tabernacle/Temple as a remembrance of the plague of the firstborn and the blood on the doorposts of Israelite homes in Egypt.

Try to imagine the Passover in the Temple on the day the Master died. While His precious body hung dying on the cross, a short distance outside the city walls pilgrims were flooding the Temple courts, leading their lambs to slaughter. While His blood stained the stones beneath the cross, the priesthood of Israel was splashing basin after basin of Passover blood against the stones of the Temple altar. While the women wept at the foot of the cross, the Levites in the Temple courts were chanting the songs of the Hallel: Psalms 113-119. Once slaughtered, the lambs in the Temple were hung from iron hooks in crucifixion poses for skinning, and once skinned, they were bound by the hooves, hand and foot as it were, to wooden poles, to be carried from the Temple on the backs of the worshippers. Meanwhile, the Master hung in crucifixion pose from iron nails, bound hand and foot to a wooden pole.

Believers have traditionally interpreted the Passover blood on the doorway as a symbol of Messiah’s blood. Consider a few of the parallels. Messiah is called our Passover Lamb. He died at Passover time. Just as the death came upon Egypt to claim the firstborns, so too all mankind is given over to death. Just as those under the protection of the Passover lamb’s blood markings were protected from death, so too those who take refuge under the blood of Messiah are protected from condemnation. They are given eternal life and will overcome death in the resurrection.

What is more, Messiah’s blood marked the soil of Jerusalem, the city in which the Holy Temple is located. According to Jewish tradition, Jerusalem and the Temple therein are called the “gateway to heaven.” It is as if Messiah’s blood was smeared upon the doorposts of heaven. Wellspring Israel

The Opposite Happened!

Tonight at sundown begins the moadim (God’s Appointed Days) of Purim, the story of an orphan girl named Esther, who stops the destruction of the people of Israel in the Old Testament book of Esther. The Feast is celebrated Feb. 25-26 this year.

Esther means “hidden or concealed. Here are some comparisons of Purim the last month of Biblical calendar and Passover the First month of the Biblical calendar. It is the only book in the Bible God’s name is not mentioned because He is working behind the Scene. Though you cannot see him, He is still working.

*At Passover the Children of Israel were delivered from destruction, slavery, and death by God passing over the homes and protecting them from the death Angel who had places the blood of a lamb on their door post. In Purim God delivered the children from the decrees and gallows of evil Prime Minister Hamaan.

*Yeshua, King Jesus did the same for all mankind at Passover on the cross delivering a final blow to Satan’s plan of death and destruction delivering man from death and damnation.

*In Esther, God uses a young virgin to become the queen of Persia and save His people from a Holocaust. In the Gospels, God uses Mary a young virgin girl to birth the Savior, Yeshua, who will save people from their sins.

*In Esther, Mordecai, Esther’s uncle intercedes to the King for the salvation of His people. In the Gospels, Zacharias, Yeshua’s uncle intercedes for the Messiah to save his people.

*The plot against Mordecai, a typology of Yeshua, refusing to bow to the decrees and plans of Hamaan a typology of Satan.

*It was Adar 13, tomorrow on our calendar that Hamaan cast lots to determine the date that He would destroy the Jewish people. It was on the same day 400 years later that Judas betrayed Yeshua.

*Interestingly both Hamaan and Judas were hung and cursed by God. Hamaan agreed to a large sum of money. Judas agreed to 30 pieces of silver that was a price to buy a slave.

*All of Hamaan’s wealth and lands was bequeathed to Esther and the children of Israel. Esther and Mordecai proclaimed the destruction of Hamaan and the deliverance of the Jewish people be an everlasting Holiday on the 14th day of Adar, It was on the 14th day of Nissan in Exodus that they were saved from the death Angel, and it was on the 14th day of Nissan that Yeshua, King Jesus said, “It is finished” on the cross of Calvary.

During these next two days it is to be our focus to proclaim, “THE OPPOSITE HAPPENED!”

So would you declare with me no matter what your situation is looking like to declare like Esther, Mordecai, Zacharias, and Yeshua, “THE OPPOSITE IS HAPPENING ON MY BEHALF.” Spend these next three days in honoring, worshipping and celebrating this wonderful appointed time. Shalom!
Wellspring Israel

Hebrew Meaning of 4

Are you seeing the number 4 a lot? Like 4:44? What does this mean and what is God speaking in numbers?

The Hebrew number four has to do with “the creation of things made.” Is the number in Hebrew for “world”. God is not making new things, He is making all things new. Four is the number where God stamps what he has created. And three numbers in a row like 444 means His stamp also. So the number 444 you are seeing is God’s double Stamp of approval. Look for thing in your life that God is working in and upon to bring newness and regeneration to. In Genesis 1, God stamped four on everything He created. On the first day of creations “God said”, “God saw”, “God divided”, and “God Called.” In Matthew 24:14, “and this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world for a witness to all the nations: and then the end shall come.” That is why there are four elements: earth, air, fire, wind. Four Regions: north, south, east, west. Four Seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Four Lunar cycles: new moon, first quarter, third quarter, and full moon. (the Biblical calendar is based on the cycle of the moon, not sun) That is why the Biblical calendar the day begins at moon up. Four divisions of day: morning, noon, evening, and night. Four divisions of man: husband and wife, tongues, family, and nations. The world is not your friend, Jesus is. You can love the earth and it’s beauty but don’t fall in love with it. Cause the Bible says you cannot love the world and God at the same time. So for you seeing 444 means God stamp is on your life. Pray into it that God is making all things new for you, family, children, work, ministry and relationships. He is saying I love you and have faith that I am making all things new in every area of your life. Blessings. You can follow us on facebook @jimlaymon or @wellspringisrael. Our blog site is

Don’t Miss God’s Timing and Seasons

If you don’t understand the Biblical calendar as it relates to timing and seasons of the Lord you will miss the prophetic things God is doing behind the scenes fixing to come out in the open. God does not operate on the Gregorian calendar which is linear. He operates within the Biblical Calendar which is cyclical. Genesis 1:14, “Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;”

Praise His name he is opening eyes for those to see and hear what Holy Spirit is saying. Please read the following blog from Amanda Graves Ministries to understand we are coming into Purim, the book of Esther (Feb 25-26.) It is rather long but weighty. Wellspring Israel

Subject: Amanda grave ministries prophetic word

Word from the Lord February 7th, 2021

Praise be to the Lord who is everlasting, Holy, and perfect in all His ways. Sovereign King, El Shaddai, and the Lord of Hosts! To His name be all the Glory and Honor and Power forever and ever, Amen.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day as Moses climbed up Mt Sinai to receive the revelation of the law, so in this hour I am taking my children, those who diligently seek me, Higher. I am calling them to come up the mountain and sit in My presence and Hear what the Spirit has to say. For this is a time of monumental change as darkness attempts to set in as a cloud and descend as a fog so I the Lord your God am the light that pierces through the darkness! And just as this dark cloud attempts to descend and set in and bring heaviness and bondage upon the people of this nation, so I the Lord your God the Lord of Hosts am coming as the WORD and cutting through that darkness and causing it to recede. Just as all looks lost, just as all looks bleak, I the Lord am a way maker I make a way where there seems and appears to be no way, however, My children nothing is impossible to those who believe. BELIEVE in this hour My children, use your gift of faith to shout and proclaim victory and change says the Lord of Hosts.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day I am touching down and causing a split and a shaking and a fear shall fall upon members of the house and members of the senate, very unsettling says the Lord as a surprise with the impeachment, shall take place, as the house and the senate shall be shaken and more shall fall off the cliff of greed and power where they have crowded and crammed themselves in dancing around their golden calf they have wickedly constructed with the work of their hands. And as My children have come up higher, as MY servant Moses so did at Mt Sinai, I the Lord shall send their golden calf off a cliff, that graven image that blasphemous people says the Lord. And I the Lord your God, Yahweh shall invoke MY LAW which is much higher than any earthly law constructed by corrupt men who have made agreements, with demons and devils, and dragons and sheiks and just as they think they can overstep their bounds with such a wicked plan, as they say, impeach; impeach I the Lord your God shall reach in and turn the tables over of these wicked merchandisers, selling the freedom of the American people for securities, and luxuries and pensions that are illegitimate and illegal says the Lord. I shall overturn their tables and a scene so shall be made as truth comes forth cutting to the core their plans, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth including with the ailing false leader says the Lord of Hosts this day.

In an hour where lies and propaganda have planned to put on a show, I am spoiling the plans of the showman in both parties, they shall cry over spilled milk as their plans spill over and spill out, and oh what a mess it shall make says the Lord. A laughing stock of heifers they shall become to the people. They shall shake their fists at the elected and more recalls in this hour, you shall hear this word recall, and referendum says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the gift of mercy I have given has been tried and mocked. I am long-suffering however there is a time and season for everything under Heaven says the Lord of Hosts. It is nearing the midnight hour says the Lord of Hosts. For I am doing a work in your nation that even if I the Lord told it to you, you would not believe it. Yes the people of America are facing the red sea and Egypt at their backs however I the Lord am the equalizer, I the Lord can do the impossible I the Lord am your deliverer. What you are seeing happening, what you have seen with the presidency has been delayed not denied for a time as the church, and the house, the senate, the congress governors, the internal working parts of the government must be purged Says the Lord, these infections, spiritual and physical must come out says the Lord of Hosts! The virus shall have its crown knocked from it, and shall lose power and ability to forge ahead, as mutations happen and false alarms are set off across this land and even across other continents, the crown is falling from the head of this wicked virus and it shall and will weaken says the Lord of Hosts as those who were the engineers and imagineers of such wickedness shall be given their wage in full in this hour says the lord of Hosts this day. A major blow to the gates and Rockefellers shall turn to stone as they look back and mourn for what their hands so wickedly created says the Lord, a millstone shall consume them as they have touched my little ones and caused them to sin and I the Lord say this day ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Oh, foolish and foul men filled with profanity and vanity as you worship the snake and you worship fallen angels says the Lord of Hosts, and so you shall be judged in this hour.

A computer company in this hour shall be found out as being complicit, watch IBM in this hour says the Lord of Hosts this day.

You shall hear people say “isn’t this strange, isn’t this odd, these events do not make sense that we see happening before our very eyes” there is a changing of the guard, and I the Lord your God am calling out to My people in this hour to come near to draw near to me to seek My face diligently, to stand their ground though they be persecuted says the Lord, for I shall honor and reward those who have stood firm for My namesake and shall elevate them as those who cower back and gripped what they have built, running and clinging to the horns of the altar they shall suffer shame and a fall for cowering back and holding onto what they built with their own hands instead of standing firm in their faith, being trees planted by rivers of water who yield forth their fruit in due season, whose leaves do not wither, and whatever they do shall prosper. Psalm 1.

Firmly rooted in their faith knowing in whom they have believed as this is far from over My children, the clock is ticking down on the wicked and corrupt and scandal after scandal like a rampant infection shall break loose in the house and the senate, the outspoken socialists, liberals, liars, hybrids, half donkey half elephant, what a strange creature they have made attempting to keep post on the fence, shall fall off the fence as they sold the people out in the dark as the elephants and the donkeys merged and created an unnatural creature and mixed an unholy tonic of darkness, sickness, greed, and power, as they praised the gods of silver and gold says the Lord. I shall write on the walls of congress, mene mene tekel upharsin you wicked leaders have been judged and found wanting, there SHALL BE SUCH A SCRAMBLE IN THE HOUSE A STIR A NOTICEABLE PANIC because I the Lord shall come in and stir the pot and agitate and frustrate their plans for I the Lord frustrate the chords of the wicked.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day a major scandal with an airline shall break forth in the midst that will be even more unsettling to the people and they shall gather in the streets and make their feelings known as the congress shall lose control of the people, as WE THE PEOPLE shall be echoed in this hour.

The wickedness in the United States has inflated however the cries of My people for the country of the eagle has caused Me to rule to spare this nation for a time, from complete judgment says the Lord. For I uphold My covenants and even though blood is shed and wickedness has filled their chalices, I the Lord for the sake of My people for the sake of Israel, for the sake of the covenant shall and will intervene.

Watch Exon Mobil says the Lord, and plutonium something is coming says the Lord.

New technologies shall come forth and be used for locating resources deep within the earth, new minerals shall be found that I the Lord have placed within the earth that will greatly help people’s health says the Lord.

There shall be a split with the Virus says the Lord watch and see as a house divided cannot stand says the Lord of Hosts.

There shall be milestone moments over this next year says the Lord as there is a change of direction, changes in leadership, parties shall suffer mortal wounds as this new party arising gains much momentum with the people for this is their Boston tea party moment says the Lord of Hosts this day. No taxation without representation says the Lord of Hosts this day!

And says the spirit of the Lord this day the chain gang of countries involved in such filth and wickedness to destroy the eagle to fatally wound it shall instead suffer fatal wounds to their leadership, economies, to their land says the Lord as this reaches across the globe as their chain of command suffers severe breaks and there are major shakeups some will be baffling and unexpected however this is the hour for them to drink the gall and bitterness they so fed others as they must receive their portion in full for mortally wounding this nation, However, I the Lord have the balm and I shall begin to pour the balm on this wound nearing Passover says the Lord as My people shall go into prayer as the spirit of Egypt is dealt with swiftly and decisively, it will be too late for some in congress for they shall fall, their office shall scatter and fear shall spread internally within the government says the Lord as I the Lord am going out before My people in this battle. Follow me says the Lord, believe in Me says the Lord know I am a mighty God the alpha and Omega, the righteous Judge as I shake up the supreme court, even more, says the Lord the apple cart shall be upset says the Lord.

Sudden events striking heads of state, one media company is set to fold their days are numbered, tick-tock their time and ratings are plummeting says the Lord as there is deflation, these giants are falling for they have blasphemed the Living God and so their goliath shall fall before the people and they shall yell PURSUE as the people become bolder in this hour as spiritual leaders stand their ground and fill them with faith and courage, the people, they shall be filled with faith and courage and it shall be contagious says the Lord of Hosts.

Israel shall see a window of opportunity and strike the enemy at the heart of its operations and destroy its valves says the Lord of hosts this day.

There is an anointed leader who I have hidden away for a time while I deal with his faith and his roots, as there shall be an encounter with Me that shall humble even more and surrender on bended knee shall take place as I take him By the hand and lead him through this. The one anointed after him has been a faithful servant to him and to the people, genuine and true, a man of great courage and faith with a heart of humility and hungry to learn about Me and My ways even more says the Lord. The picture of this man shall form over the next 2 years says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A major breach in digital currency shall occur says the Lord and that breach shall reveal a new digital enemy says the Lord as one country is becoming bolder with its digital soldiers, this will become clear says the Lord of Hosts this day.

This shall be a year of major contractions at key points throughout the year, however breath and have faith firmly rooted in My word, as I the Lord your God go forth into the darkness and chaos and confusion. The dark winter shall be cut short says the Lord. Hold on as you are still in a big turn that is coming into a straightaway, run the race My children, press on toward the mark of the High calling and as you publicly proclaim Me and are unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ I shall protect and honor you and elevate you for such a time. Know I love you I am working, persevere in the midst and you shall see a great harvest come forth from the barrenness thus says the Lord of Hosts in the everlasting name of Jesus Christ, who sits at My right hand Amen and Amen.

The Blessing of Challah Bread

The Challah bread is a specially braided bread and symbolic of the double portion of God’s provision. During the wilderness experience God caused a double portion of manna to fall, so the children of Israel wouldn’t have to work on the Sabbath. This miracle is commemorated each Friday by blessing two loaves of Challah at the Shabbat meal.

It’s traditional to keep the bread covered on both the top and the bottom until this time in the meal because it represents another aspect of God’s miracle provision. The dew on the top was to preserve the blessing and the dew on the bottom was to add flavor to the provision. It’s all symbolic of what God wants to do with our blessing today.

God is saying to us, “I am Jehovah Jireh your Provider”, and when you keep the Sabbath, I will abundantly provide whatever you’re hungry for. I will always preserve and protect you. My blessing will add great flavor and quality to your life. What a reminder to ourselves and our family that the blessing of God is supernatural; that this is not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord.

The bread of course is an important symbol of the new covenant, faith in the Messiah and of communion. So as we lift up the two loaves toward heaven and speak the blessing we follow with a prayer that releases the many benefits of New Covenant. copied Larry and Tiz Huch

Thy Loving Kindness Endures Forever

Shabbat Shalom! Notes from Wellspring Israel’s teaching video last night.

The Israelites believed in Moses being the deliver. They had been in bondage for 400 years. But when Pharaoh hardened his heart and made things much more difficult for the slaves, they lost their breath. Exodus 6:9-10, “So Moses spoke accordingly to the Children of Israel; but they did not heed Moses because of shortness of breath and hard labor.”

This passage may not say much to you so let me expound a little for you to see this picture. The harder life gets because of the pharaoh’s in our lives…it is hard to believe. The enemy has a way of constricting one’s life to where they cannot walk in hope, faith, and belief. This was the very scenario of the Children of Israel.

Could this be you or someone you know? There is hope.

When Moses ask the Lord, “who should I say sent me?” God answered, “YHVH/AdonaI” the one with Loving Kindness. When life hits us hard THY LOVING KINDNESS IS BETTER THAN LIFE.

In Hebrew the numerical value of YHVH is 26. There were 26 generations from Adam to Moses. Ten generations from Adam to Noah. Ten generations from Noah to Abraham and 6 generations from Abraham to Moses. In Exodus 6:2-3, “The Lord said to Moses, I am the Lord, I revealed myself to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by the name El Shaddai but my name (YHVH/Adonai) the Lord was not known to them(Children of Israel.)”

Just like then, God wants to reveal Himself to us as Adonai/YHVH, Thy Loving Kindness. In Psalms 136 David writes of Adonai as being His love endures forever. Twenty six in Hebrew is derived from two numbers 13 X 2=26. The number 13 is the value of Hebrew words (echad) One and (ahavah) love. Together they equal 26.

Significantly, God revealed Himself to Israel as YHVH when they were at the lowest of emotions and life where they could not even breathe. God was saying to Moses, tell them I am to them, “Loving Kindness.”

If you find yourself just like the Children of Israel today, there is HOPE! In Psalms 136, David writes 26 times, “His Love Endures Forever.” Take the time to read Psalms 136 today. It will give you breath so you can breathe again and not be constricted.

I think it is not a coincidence that Covid constricts one’s breath in the physical. Thus constricting our society of work, worship, gathering, socializing, and travel. I myself am not going to allow the spirit of Pharaoh/Covid to constrict my breathing so I can’t see God’s hope, vision, and destiny. I’m singing the song today, “THY LOVING KINDNESS IS BETTER THAN LIFE.” Will you sing it with me? Shabbat Shalom!
Wellspring Israel