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Favor Isn’t Fair

The Torah reading for this week is found in Genesis 39. It is the story of Joseph being sold to slave traders and ending up in Egypt. I’ve always said, “favor isn’t fair.” Because Joseph was marked by God, God … Continue reading

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Kislev: Trust, Rest, Provision, and Victory

This evening at sundown begins the 9th month of Biblical Calendar and 3rd month of Israel’s civil calendar, Kislev. Kislev is the month of rest and trust. It is the month to rest in all that God has promised and … Continue reading

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As A Disciple of Yeshua We Must Desire The “Red Stuff”

This week’s Torah Reading is found in Genesis 25:19 thru Genesis 28:9 I confess I don’t like this portion of Genesis where it deals with Jacob’s manipulation of Esau and the stealing of his birthright. While reading this passage this … Continue reading

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Love and Marriage Goes Together Like Horse and Carriage

This past week’s Torah Reading was in Genesis 24. It shares the difference between a Hebrew Understanding of Love and Marriage and a Greek understanding. Isaac took his bride into his mother’s tent. All this time Sarah’s tent had been … Continue reading

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The Eighth Biblical Month of Chesvan

Tonight at sundown begins the eighth Biblical month of Cheshvan. Eight is the Hebrew number for New Beginnings. Two weeks ago I had a headache for 7 days. Little did I know I was experiencing an aneurysm. We went to … Continue reading

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Shabbat and Millennium Reign of Christ

The Day that is Entirely Sabbath: God created the heavens and the earth in six days, and on the seventh day He rested. Each Sabbath may be likened unto a down payment on the Messianic Era. We rest on Shabbat … Continue reading

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Feasts of Tabernacles Is a Reminder of the Eternal not Temporal

It has been difficult for me to focus this week on Feasts of Tabernacles since I continue to deal with an intense headache with pounding throbbing pain of 8-10 level unless I lay down in a dark room. It has … Continue reading

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