The Opposite Happened!

Tonight at sundown begins the moadim (God’s Appointed Days) of Purim, the story of an orphan girl named Esther, who stops the destruction of the people of Israel in the Old Testament book of Esther. The Feast is celebrated Feb. 25-26 this year. Esther means “hidden or concealed. Here are some comparisons of Purim theContinue reading “The Opposite Happened!”

Accessing The Court Room of Heaven

Accessing the Court Room of Heaven/Three Levels of Prayer. Understanding how to pray until your prayers are answered. Understanding how to pray from a Hebrew mindset. Learning the three levels of prayer so to walk in a deeper relations with God. Check out my video’s on my YouTube Channel, Wellspring Israel.

Why Would You Ever Refer To Yourself in the Third Person?

Why would you ever refer to yourself in the third person?  That seems weird, doesn’t it?  Well Jesus did several times in the gospels.  “The Son of Man has authority to forgive sins.” Or, The Son of Man came drinking and eating.”  What is up with that?  Was He speaking in some secret code weContinue reading “Why Would You Ever Refer To Yourself in the Third Person?”