Curses That Blocks Blessing in the Month of Tevet

One of the curses that blocks blessing in our lives is found in the power of the tongue.  Proverbs 18:21, “death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  The number one way a curse can come on your life and block your blessings is in the words you speak to yourself and others.  Many times we curse ourselves by the words we speak.  Words can release the promises of God, and words can block the promises of God.  There is a creative force behind words that are spoken.  Continue reading “Curses That Blocks Blessing in the Month of Tevet”

Weekly Torah Portion

Jacob lived his last 17 years in Egypt. The sages say that they were his best 17 years. (Tov, the Hebrew term for “good,” has the numerical value of 17.) Jacob was a spiritually refined person, who had spent years studying Torah in the Land of Israel (then still called Canaan), the holiest place on earth. Yet his best years were in Egypt, a land of decadence, idolatry and moral depravity. How could that be?Continue reading “Weekly Torah Portion”

The Biblical Month of Tevet


The Month of Tevet is the Tenth Biblical month which started eight days ago on Sundown Wednesday, December 12.  It is a month to mature and grow on a path toward destiny and purpose.  Here is some of the highlights on this month.  We at Wellspring israel have learned to live our lives from month to month according to the focus of the Hebrew calendar.  It will help you on how to pray, intercede, and live out your days.  Each month corresponds with one of the tribe of Israel.Continue reading “The Biblical Month of Tevet”