Rosh Hashanah 5782, You Choose

Are you excited? In less than five days begins the Biblical New Year 5782. It is your choice how you will live and what you will have begining @ Rosh Hashanah. You choose rather you will be like the 7 fatted cows or the 7 lean cows.

Did you know that Pharaoh’s dream and the release of Joseph from prison (see Genesis 41) occurred on Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the year. On that day, God determines the fate of the world for the coming year and, among other determinations, decrees whether it will be a time of famine or plenty. It is also the day when God decides the fate of every individual for the upcoming year.

It was therefore on this day that Pharaoh dreamed about the coming years of plenty which would be followed by the years of hunger. And it was on this date that God decided that the time had arrived for Joseph to become a free man and be elevated to royalty.

The Month of Elul is the Month To Dream Dreams. Awakening!

I had another very prophetic dream leading us to The New Biblical Year, 5782 this coming Monday night, September 6th at sundown.

Many in the church are looking to roll out their Rapture Rug and Fly Away from this mess. But I believe we are seeing and will see the greatest end time awakening/revival mankind has ever experienced. Here is my dream:

My Dream: Last night I was preaching in a church that was familiar to me. It was a large Sanctuary. It was an old sanctuary with pews that were curved around the building with a single isle in the middle. The pews were blonde oak in color. The service was full packed with people of all ages, races, ages, and dressed very well dressed to just shorts and flip flops. There were all colors of humanity represented in attendance to this church service; red, yellow, brown, black, white. The anointing was thick with Holy Spirit. I remember a couple things that were off not usual. My wife gave the announcements but left the white wireless mic under a pew three quarters back when it was my turn to start preaching. I could see it but couldn’t get to it. Someone handed me a cordless mic and I began to Minister. The first thing I said in the dream is, “welcome a family who has just come from Menninger Clinic, Topeka, KS. They are here for the first time and chose this church because of the purposeful children’s ministry we offer.” That is significant because my first ministry starting out from college was in Topeka, KS. And we ministered to outpatients and their families at Menninger Clinic. Menninger Clinic is a world-famous Psychiatric Care Clinic for those struggling with psychiatric issues.
The next scene was kind of chaotic. People were coming up to give their testimonies of miraculous healings in their life but were interrupting each other and not letting each one finish. And then a family dressed in Western wear with cowboy hats and boots began to sing a song about redemption in a yodeling kind of style. Then I took over the service and opened my bible to preach. I told the people who I was and I had been anointed and ordain to preach to set the captive free and then I preached, “Thy word is a lamp into my feet and light unto my path. Cast me not away from my presence or lord, take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of my salvation.” Then we began to sing it. As we sang it the glory/shekinah/Holy Spirit fell with a weighty presence and people began to get healed of mind binding spirits.
My father, Riley Laymon who is a retired preacher came up and ask if he could say something. He was old and senile because he has dementia and not shaven. That is unusual because he wants to be clean shaven every day. His hearing device had fallen out of his ear and he was fooling with it. I told him not worry about it and just say what was on his heart. He began to weep and cry and exhort the people to turn to Jesus. I told him it was okay and He gave an invitation like we use to do in church and the congregation began to run to the Altars, weeping, crying, kneeling asking God for forgiveness. There was no long drawn out invitation singing five verses of a song. People four and five rows deep praying.
Final scene. I began to exhort, prophecy, and encourage the congregation to Love one another, and turn to Jesus. I remember quoting the verse, “Train up a child in the way he will go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” Then I began to prophecy their grown adult children would be in their right mind like the prodigal and they would see them coming to repentance. I blessed the congregation with the Aaronic Blessing, “May the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and lift his countenance upon you and may you walk in peace”
Then I dismissed them. But they didn’t want to leave for the presence of God was so thick. So I stepped down off the platform and began to bless them. The Lord told me to lay hands on them and they would be instantly healed of all mind binding spirits. As I was praying for each one and blessing them they were falling out/slain under the Almighty power of God and being gloriously set free.
Then I woke up and immediately started writing the dream.

Interpretation: First of all the old Sanctuary represents the old places of worship, the old wells, the traditional denominations will be re-visited again for awakening. Likened to Jacob having to re-dig the wells of his father, Isaac. This awakening will cross over and touch all races, nations, ages, and cultures.

The wireless mic being white and under the pews three quarters back has to do with 25 percent of the church is listening and walking in the awakening, but the message of the Gospel awakening is hidden in the church and waiting to be released to the other 75 percent.

Karl Menninger Clinic has to do with the mind binding spirits, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies that is binding, blinding, and seducing the younger/ children of our families, churches, and society.

The family singing in the cowboy dress and yodeling has to do with the presentation of the awakening will look different and sound different than what we traditionally understand and look for. A New Sound. And all those that worship at the feet of Hillsong, Elevation, and Bethel handle the new sound?

The purposeful children’s ministry spoken in the dream is significant with the spoken scripture of, “Train up a child where they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” By the way, spoken words in dreams are very significant and take notice of them.

The dream is about “generational” blessings. My father represents the Baby Boomers. He had gray whiskers because it represents wisdom. His earing aide was not in his ear, and he was fooling with it because in the dream the hearing aid represented man’s way of hearing and doing. But he spoke with out it in his ear because He was speaking what God was telling him, Repentance.

The Final scene is prophetic because of the Aaronic Blessing being pronounced over the people. The Aaronic Blessing is the Blessing spoken over all of Israel at the Day of Atonement when the High Priest would Atone their Sin for another year. We know Yeshua, King Jesus is that Atonement and once and for all eternity. In this new year 5782, is the time to walk in Blessing and not Cursing. Watch what you say and how you say it.

In the dream at the end, I stepped down off the platform. Platform has to do with the familiar ways of doing things and operating. God is asking us to take a leap of faith and step down from what is comfortable and move in the realms of faith and the unknown in this new season. When we do this people’s lives will be touched, healed, delivered, forgiven, and in their right mind.

This dream is in my dream language. I have dreams about ministry and playing Basketball. But I know when they are very prophetic. So, I share this with all humility and respect of our Heavenly Father and or Messiah, Yeshua, King Jesus. Shalom and Major Blessings for the New Year, 5782. Jim Laymon

Preparing for the Feast of Tabernacles 5782/2022

We shared this teaching preparing you for the Biblical new year of 5782/2022 which begins on sundown Sept. 6,2021 at Rosh Hashanah the Blowing of Trumpets:

The Barley Loaf is Coming

Good Morning and Shabbat Shalom. Wellspring Israel, Jim Laymon and Debbie Laymon could not be on FB Live last night but I wanted to give a brief teaching to help you stay in the season and timing of the Lord. We are now in the Biblical calendar called the counting of the Omer. This is the 50 days between Passover and Pentecost (the Red Sea and the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai.) Also it is the 50 days between Yeshua’s resurrection and His ascension.The Feast of Passover is about the Barley Harvest. At the resurrection of Yeshua, the High Priest was waving the first fruit of a Barley stalk to the Adonai. Yeshua, our risen Messiah fulfills First Fruits because He is the First Fruit of our Salvation and Deliverance.Back to the Barley. In Judges 6-7 there is a story of a young prophet named Gideon. Because Israel had forgotten to honor God’s Feasts and worshipped the the god’s of their day, the Midianites had pillaged their harvest. Gideon is in the wine press hiding when God calls him to save the people of Israel. He is hesitant to follow and obey. In the process (it is a great story of deliverance) a Israelite man has a vision of the Midianites being destroyed by a gigantic BARLEY LOAF rolling down the mountain and running over all the enemy. Hollywood could not write a better script. I can just hear the Midianites screaming, “the Barley Loaf is coming.” This is a picture of the Barley Harvest of First Fruits. This story takes place during the Counting of the Omer. Wow, because you have Honored Adonai’s Appointed time the Barley Loaf is destroying your enemy and all his theft upon and over you. Can you join me this Shabbat and Praise Yeshua, King Jesus our First Fruits deliver, “THE BARLEY LOAF IS COMING!”Here is some Good News. Father God, Adonai doesn’t want you to miss out on the 9 Blessings of Passover. So if you missed honoring and celebrating Passover 2021 you still can. On April 26, 2021 you can honor Passover because this day is called Passover of Second Chance, Pesach Sheni. God so wants to bless you and your household gives a second opportunity for those who missed Passover at the beginning of this month. Worship the Lord on April 26th by Thanking Adonai for Yeshua, King Jesus being the Passover Lamb without blemish, the First Fruits of our Salvation. Give an offering of Thanks because we are not to come empty handed to the Feasts of the Lord. So, this month of April you get experience God’s covenant days. The Barley Loaf is coming! Shalom!

Seven Places Yeshua, King Jesus Bled as The Passover Lamb

Jesus Shed His Blood Seven Places:

How many know we’ve been redeemed by the Blood of the Passover Lamb?  Do you know what we’ve been redeemed from?  Do you know where Jesus Blood was shed?  Yes, the Cross!  But did you know that Jesus shed His blood seven places and seven different times?  Seven times that you and I might be forgiven of our sins, and set free from the bondage of sin and the iniquities that have been passed down to our families.

1.    Jesus Shed His Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane to Redeem our WILL

2.    Jesus Shed His Blood at the whipping post to Redeem us From Sickness

3.    Jesus Shed His Blood with the Crown of Thorns to break the Curse of Poverty

4.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Nail Pierced Hands to Restore our Dominion

5.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Nail Pierced Feet to Restore our Authority

6.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Spear-Pierced Side to Heal our Broken Heart

7. Jesus Bruised His Heal (a bleeding on the inside) to break the Power of Iniquity.

Not only did Yeshua redeem us from the curse of sin but each one of the plagues mentioned in Exodus is also mentioned in Revelations. What is in the natural in the Old Testament is in the spiritual in the New Testament. God’s Judgment is always about mercy and grace, redemption and revival, and His salvation (solo) completely happening upon the earth.

1st plague: blood – Water is turned to blood in Exodus 7:20 and Rev. 8:8; 16:4.

2nd plague; frogs – Frogs inhabit the land in Exodus 8:6 and are described in Rev. 16:13-14.

3rd plague: gnats – Gnats (lice) cover the land in Exodus 8:17 and may be described in Rev. 6:7-8; 9:1-11.

4th plague: flies – Flies (swarms) overtake and destroy the land in Exodus 8:24 and are described in Rev. 6:7-8; perhaps also 9:1-11.

5th plague: livestock disease – While Goshen is protected, disease strikes livestock in Exodus 9:6 and Rev. 6:7-8; perhaps also 9:1-11.

6th plague: boils – While Goshen seems to be protected, boils and sores cover people and animals in Exodus 9:10 and Rev. 16:2, 11.

7th plague: hail – While Goshen seems to be protected, hail destroys the land in Exodus 9:23-24 and Rev. 8:7; 16:21.

8th plague: locusts – While Goshen seems to be protected, locusts swarm the land in Exodus 10:13-15 and Rev. 6:7-8; 9:1-11.

9th plague: darkness – While Goshen is protected, thick darkness covers the land in Exodus 10:22 and Rev. 16:10.

10th plague: death – While all who apply the blood of a lamb to the doorposts of their homes are protected, the death of every first born male occurs in Exodus 12:29. The book of Revelation indicates one third of humankind perishes during the end times. (Rev. 9:15, 19:19-21)

God engineered each of the ten plagues to magnify His name and display His redemptive glory. His judgments should not be seen as primarily punitive in nature, but as His righteous administration of justice. Bear in mind that the Hebraic concept of justice includes mercy. This is why many Egyptians turned to Adonai, joined faith with the Israelites and left Egypt together with them in the exodus. (Exodus 12:38) The Egyptians’ turning to God was the result of His redemptive mercy. Similarly, God’s end times judgments should be seen as His righteous administration of justice more than as punishment. Because of His redemptive mercy, multitudes will turn to Him in a wonderful and final, global harvest.

Nine Blessings of Passover

Passover Preparation: Passover starts this Sunday, March 28th

Would you agree with me…we need higher levels of protection, provision, health, and authority with every promotion in 2021?

While celebrating Passover, the yearly gift from God of the 9 blessings of Passover is especially designed to answer that purpose.

Of the many wonderful things that happen at Passover, the 9 blessings of Passover God grants us stand not only an honor to receive, but as a necessity for us to answer God’s call on our lives!

But where does God’s Word speak of these 9 blessings? What can we expect when we set our feet under our Father’s Passover table?
According to Exodus 23 Passover has 9 blessings, each with unique importance for our transition into the next season and deeper levels of intimacy with Christ.

These blessings are:

  1. Divine Protection, Exodus 23:20
  2. Protection from Enemies through Positioning and Alignment,
    Exodus 23:22
  3. Commissioning of Divine Authority, Exodus 23:24
  4. Supernatural Health and Kingdom Prosperity, Exodus 23:25
  5. Covenant Protection for Multiplication and Longevity,
    Exodus 23:26
  6. A Godly Release of Fear and Respect from Enemies,
    Exodus 23:27
  7. Relief from the Threat of Enemies, Exodus 23:28
  8. The Gift of Dominion and an Increased, Exodus 23:30
  9. Freedom from Corrupt Covenants, Exodus 23:33

Without these 9 blessings we are missing a specific designed piece from God. One that is meant to fit into our calling and purpose.
Wellspring Israel, you can see my video teaching at, Friday night, March 20, 2021.

Preparation For Passover: PRAISE!

Passover begins March 28 and goes through April 4, 2021

Every month of the Hebrew Calendar is linked to the twelve tribes of Israel. The month of Nissan is linked to the Tribe of Judah. Judah goes first in all the battles of Israel. They are the apostolic tribe, warring tribe, who knew how to operate with sound and praise. Judah goes forth in the battle with a sound of PRAISE! Note: This is also the time in the spring when Kings go off to war (2 Sam. 10:1) When David should of been celebrating the Passover season and preparing for the Feast of Passover, he was looking at Bathsheba and fell into Adultry. Allow this season to war for your covenant promises; do not hesitate to loose a sound of praise that will loose you a new dimension of victory and wholeness. Chuch Pierce says this is a season, “to arise your faith, declare power in the blood of Jesus has set you free, and declare the path of healing and miracles.”
Wellspring Israel

The Parallels of Passover and Yeshua, King Jesus!

For Messianic Jews and Gentiles who have been awakened to our Jewish Roots, Passover is a Feast where Yeshua, King Jesus is the fulfillment of the Spring Feast of the Lord. Here are some parallels to consider:

Moses commanded the children of Israel to mark their homes with the blood of the Passover lambs. They were to dip hyssop into the blood and smear it on their doorposts. Although Passover was thereafter celebrated annually, the Israelite homes were never again smeared with blood from the Passover lambs. The smearing with blood was a one-time ritual. Every Passover thereafter, the blood of the Passover lambs was splashed on the altar in the Tabernacle/Temple as a remembrance of the plague of the firstborn and the blood on the doorposts of Israelite homes in Egypt.

Try to imagine the Passover in the Temple on the day the Master died. While His precious body hung dying on the cross, a short distance outside the city walls pilgrims were flooding the Temple courts, leading their lambs to slaughter. While His blood stained the stones beneath the cross, the priesthood of Israel was splashing basin after basin of Passover blood against the stones of the Temple altar. While the women wept at the foot of the cross, the Levites in the Temple courts were chanting the songs of the Hallel: Psalms 113-119. Once slaughtered, the lambs in the Temple were hung from iron hooks in crucifixion poses for skinning, and once skinned, they were bound by the hooves, hand and foot as it were, to wooden poles, to be carried from the Temple on the backs of the worshippers. Meanwhile, the Master hung in crucifixion pose from iron nails, bound hand and foot to a wooden pole.

Believers have traditionally interpreted the Passover blood on the doorway as a symbol of Messiah’s blood. Consider a few of the parallels. Messiah is called our Passover Lamb. He died at Passover time. Just as the death came upon Egypt to claim the firstborns, so too all mankind is given over to death. Just as those under the protection of the Passover lamb’s blood markings were protected from death, so too those who take refuge under the blood of Messiah are protected from condemnation. They are given eternal life and will overcome death in the resurrection.

What is more, Messiah’s blood marked the soil of Jerusalem, the city in which the Holy Temple is located. According to Jewish tradition, Jerusalem and the Temple therein are called the “gateway to heaven.” It is as if Messiah’s blood was smeared upon the doorposts of heaven. Wellspring Israel

The Opposite Happened!

Tonight at sundown begins the moadim (God’s Appointed Days) of Purim, the story of an orphan girl named Esther, who stops the destruction of the people of Israel in the Old Testament book of Esther. The Feast is celebrated Feb. 25-26 this year.

Esther means “hidden or concealed. Here are some comparisons of Purim the last month of Biblical calendar and Passover the First month of the Biblical calendar. It is the only book in the Bible God’s name is not mentioned because He is working behind the Scene. Though you cannot see him, He is still working.

*At Passover the Children of Israel were delivered from destruction, slavery, and death by God passing over the homes and protecting them from the death Angel who had places the blood of a lamb on their door post. In Purim God delivered the children from the decrees and gallows of evil Prime Minister Hamaan.

*Yeshua, King Jesus did the same for all mankind at Passover on the cross delivering a final blow to Satan’s plan of death and destruction delivering man from death and damnation.

*In Esther, God uses a young virgin to become the queen of Persia and save His people from a Holocaust. In the Gospels, God uses Mary a young virgin girl to birth the Savior, Yeshua, who will save people from their sins.

*In Esther, Mordecai, Esther’s uncle intercedes to the King for the salvation of His people. In the Gospels, Zacharias, Yeshua’s uncle intercedes for the Messiah to save his people.

*The plot against Mordecai, a typology of Yeshua, refusing to bow to the decrees and plans of Hamaan a typology of Satan.

*It was Adar 13, tomorrow on our calendar that Hamaan cast lots to determine the date that He would destroy the Jewish people. It was on the same day 400 years later that Judas betrayed Yeshua.

*Interestingly both Hamaan and Judas were hung and cursed by God. Hamaan agreed to a large sum of money. Judas agreed to 30 pieces of silver that was a price to buy a slave.

*All of Hamaan’s wealth and lands was bequeathed to Esther and the children of Israel. Esther and Mordecai proclaimed the destruction of Hamaan and the deliverance of the Jewish people be an everlasting Holiday on the 14th day of Adar, It was on the 14th day of Nissan in Exodus that they were saved from the death Angel, and it was on the 14th day of Nissan that Yeshua, King Jesus said, “It is finished” on the cross of Calvary.

During these next two days it is to be our focus to proclaim, “THE OPPOSITE HAPPENED!”

So would you declare with me no matter what your situation is looking like to declare like Esther, Mordecai, Zacharias, and Yeshua, “THE OPPOSITE IS HAPPENING ON MY BEHALF.” Spend these next three days in honoring, worshipping and celebrating this wonderful appointed time. Shalom!
Wellspring Israel