God’s Time Table is Being Challenged

Watch these terms and realize the prophets of the antichrist systems are changing the morals and narratives before our very eyes. They are through multi billion companies pushing the policies. Governments and Nations are no longer making policies that affect the people. Terms being shoved at us: transgendered, transHuman (AI-Alter Intelligence), and TransNational (Economic Oligarchs).

Because of transgendered people these woke companies are saying we can’t celebrate Mother’s Day any more because it controversial! Now there is a term being used for poeple who have chosen to have drugs and surgical procedures to change their God given gender to Transabled. This not what you think. No, it’s not a good thing. It is meant “trans disabled!”

They are making this person who chooses these “medical healthcare” (terms being used) procedures and drugs as in the same classification of those who are truly physically disabled.

Do you see the narrative changing? Can you see how the morals, values, and honor that we have known being done away with. This is a vile principality that doesn’t just want to be recognized, but wants total control and domination. We of the body of Christ must stand up in prayer/intercession and Declare the Word of God over our territory, region, state and Nation(s).

Satan from the beginning of creation has always tried to usurp God’s time and timelines. God has a divine time for the return of Yeshua, King Jesus. And I believe it is time for us to stand and say, Not in this antichrist systems time, not on our watch, we will stand against satan’s time table and legislate God’s divine day, date, calendar, and time for the last days and the return of our Messiah, Savior, and Lord. Who will stand with me? Shalom, Jim Laymon and Wellspring Israel

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