Second Passover Pesach Sheni

Today in God’s Calendar is Iyar 14. This is the day when Israel celebrates Pesach sheni. Pesach in Hebrew is Passover and sheni means Second. Pesach Sheni (Hebrew: פסח שני, translated. Second Passover) occurs every year on 14 Iyar. This is exactly one month after 14 Nisan, the day before Passover, which was the day prescribed for bringing a Passover Lamb for those who missed the Feast of Passover.

We don’t have to celebrate the Passover a second time because Yeshua, King Jesus became our Passover Lamb and never again does there need to be sacrifices of animals. Hebrews. 9:11-15

But, for those of us who choose to honor Passover it is a picture of God’s grace and mercy. Historically this second Passover was for those who weren’t able to honor and celebrate the Feast of Passover because they were unclean or traveling. Our God is a Father of seconds. I for one, am so thankful for His forgiveness, longsuffering, and patience not just twice but forever!

I also post this so you might understand the Blessings that come when one remembers, celebrates, and honors Passover. God is so benevolent He doesn’t want anyone to miss out on these promises.

According to Exodus 23 Passover has 9 blessings, each with unique importance for our transition into the next season and deeper levels of intimacy with Christ. These blessings are:

  1. Divine Protection, Exodus 23:20
  2. Protection from Enemies through Positioning and Alignment, Exodus 23:22
  3. Commissioning of Divine Authority, Exodus 23:24
  4. Supernatural Health and Kingdom Prosperity, Exodus 23:25
  5. Covenant Protection for Multiplication and Longevity, Exodus 23:26
  6. A Godly Release of Fear and Respect from Enemies, Exodus 23:27
  7. Relief from the Threat of Enemies, Exodus 23:28
  8. The Gift of Dominion and an Increased, Exodus 23:30
  9. Freedom from Corrupt Covenants, Exodus 23:33

Without these 9 blessings we are missing a specially designed piece from God. One that is meant to fit into our calling, purpose, and destiny.

We need higher levels of protection, provision, health, and authority with every promotion. Every advancing of our call. And this yearly gift from God of the 9 blessings of Passover is especially designed to answer that need.

Shabbat Shalom, Jim and Debbie Laymon and Wellspring Israel

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