Thoughts on Revival, Derailments, War, and God’s Glory

Thoughts, on Revival, Derailments, War and God’s glory:

If you are like me, I’ve thought about since February 3rd there has been now 6 train (one today in Nebraska) derailments and 5 airborne objects shot down with our American military, what is going on?

I’ve said in the past concerning what is in the news, “if this was a dream, what would God being saying?”

We are in the Biblical calendar of 5783 which converges with 2023. This is the year in God’s calendar that God is giving great grace to get our house in order: Personally, corporately, in the family, church, business, and Nations. The year 5783/2023 is the year of the Holy Spirit and the year where the Camels are coming to God’s children.

This is also the year about Atmosphere, Borders, and Supply lines. I propose to you that these three things have to do with the Holy Spirit and Camels, how?

I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that on February 3, 2023, on the 53 year anniversary of the 1970 Asbury University revival, there is the biggest train derailment in our history pouring caustic gases into the water and air of Palestine, Ohio. Then there have been six since then. If this was a dream what would God be saying? Satan is trying to derail what God is doing in the spiritual. We are seeing a glorious revival breaking out like a train from Asbury University, Wilmore, KY. to over 25 private and secular campus’s through out our Nation and now in the Philippines, Uganda, Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, and the middle east. The glory train of the Holy Spirit that is emphasizing Jesus is on track, to be known as the “third great awakening.” The Holy Spirit is awakening both young and old, and everyone in between.

God wants your atmosphere in your home to be ignited with the Holy Ghost with a new love. It starts with you and me and in our homes first. Then moves into the church, streets, and the marketplaces. I heard a report in Chicago, IL. there has been a revival breaking out this past week in Catholic churches. C’mon Lord!

The so-called UFO’s or spy balloons in the natural is another sign that enemy wants to control the atmosphere over you. Do you know that we are at war? Isn’t weird that we are seeing not just one derailment or explosions, or natural disasters but all simultaneously? There is a war contending for your atmosphere. We need, I need the Holy Spirit’s power and authority with a deeper love for Jesus and my fellowman.

It is no coincidence that the powers to be keep saying there is or will be a supply line shortage? Why have so many chicken factories gone up in flames, why have the chickens stop laying eggs. Why has the WEF (World Economic Foreign) voted a campaign to cease natural animal meat sourcing in exchange for lab made meats that can be made with a three D printer? Why are China, Bill Gates, and other world elites buying farm land? Why have supply ships been grounded are not able to unload? No way, not for God’s people? This is the year of the Camels. Camels represent your supply line. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want or “lack any good thing.” He anoints my head with oil. MY CUP RUNNETH OVER! That’s abundance.

Back to the Palestine, Ohio train derailment. It has been said the railroad tracks where the derailment happened had not been cared for. Over the years where the tracks should have been updated they were not. Just like railroad tracks, our lives may need to updated. In Revelation 3:1, Jesus says to the church, “your reputation is that your have life but you are really dead. In modern vernacular it says, “I know you have all the material things but you are really wanting.”

This is the year the Holy Spirit is calling us to change the Atmosphere over our life. The borders in the USA are open letting every evil thing across. Not just the legal ones but the illegal people too. This is the year to deal with our own borders and every evil thing that we have allowed to cross the threshold of our mind via the ear and eye gate. It is the year of the glory of God to invade us with his weighty presence lifting up Jesus.

Holy Spirit I’m asking you to enlarge my capacity to recognize you in my life and world. To, enlargement my territory of influence. To, be so blessed that I can be a blessing to others. To, love with a greater love, abandoned and stricken with your presence. Shalom Shalom!

Jim and Debbie Laymon and Wellspring Israel.

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