Chesvan and David’s Tabernacle

Is God’s calendar important to the Christian and follower of Jesus? Today was the first day of the Eighth Biblical Month of Chesvan, in God’s calendar. Watch this, dates are important. Today, the first day of Chesvan, is the anniversary when Solomon finished the Temple.

God wouldn’t let David build His Temple because he was a man of war. But David did help build it because King David went after all the enemies of Israel so there would peace in the land. Solomon’s reign was in the time of peace because of the price his father, David had done. There is a message in this for Parents and children.

David’s Tabernacle was a tent. He sat the “ark of the covenant” in a tent, so people both Jew and Gentile from the North, South, East, and West could come up and worship 24/7. It was a place of 24/7 worship. Solomon’s temple was a Tabernacle ruled by Levitical rules, orders, and protocol.

When Jesus died on the Cross the veil was broke in two thus giving a direct access to the Holy of Holies through the blood of Yeshua, King Jesus. The new covenant is a reminder to us that God wants to see the restoration of the David’s Tabernacle. We now are the tabernacle of the type and shadow of David’s tabernacle. A tabernacle not made with hands. A place in the believer where the Holy One dwells. It should be a place of 24/7 praise and thanksgiving. Shalom Shalom!

Jim and Debbie Laymon and Wellspring Israel

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