We Are In The Dire Straights, Pray!

We are in the Dire Straights! That’s in Hebrew to lay low and humble yourself before God! It is the time between Israel’s two sins that angered God. This anniversary is on our calendar, July 16th when the Israelites made for themselves a golden calf to worship and August 6th the anniversary of the 10 spies persuading all of Isreal not to go into the promise and as a Nation disobey God. That is why its’s called a narrow place. We are in this 3 week period.

Historically, every thing bad that happened to Israel happened to them in this narrow time period. The second date is on the spiritual/Biblical calendar the 9th day of Av. This is the same day when both Temples were destroyed. This same day in different years the Jewish people were expelled from England and Spain. It also was the same day in the Warsaw slums the Jews were dragged out by the Nazi’s and murdered,

God was angry on those days against His people and the Nations.

Friday, the day before Dire Straights begin, July 15th in our Nations House of Representatives, they voted to codify into law Federal law, abortions will be paid for and legal in all fifty States up until the birth of a baby. The Dems voted 100% in favor and some Rhino Republicans did also. If the Senate confirms this abortion bill up until a full term birth, it will be the law of the land! God is angry!

Second thing happened last week during the Dire Straights, President Biden met with Palenstenian Leaders in East Jerusalem( first time a citing President has done so in our history) to draw up a plan for the boundaries of Jerusalem to go back before the 1967 war. That would give City of David, Jerusalem totally over to the Arabs. Read Joel 3:2-3, what God will do to the Nations that divide the land!

It has been prophesied by several Prophets if our Nation works a peace plan that makes Israel give land for peace an Earthquake in the New Madrid fault line will split our nation in two, along the MS. River, north and south.

If you have an inkling of any light and understanding this should shake us to our knees. It is not a wonder why now! Don’t think you prayer doesn’t do much. The answer is the Holy Spirit in you and in me. We are in a spiritual war season. If Satan can get us so side tracked with food shortages, severe heat, rolling black outs, supply line shortages, and monkeypox hysteria then the remnant and rank and file foot soldiers will not be on the wall watching. So now is the time to pray and warfare with prophetic decrees. Shalom! Jim and Debbie Laymon, Wellspring Israel

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