The Spiritual Month of Sivan: The Camels are Coming

Today is the Second full day of the Spiritual Month of Sivan in the Hebrew/Biblical Calendar. Sivan runs from May 31 through June 29, 2002/5782. Sivan is the month of Supernatural Provision both Spiritually and Physically. It is a picture of a two-hump camel. In the Bible Camels represent provision. On the sixth day of Sivan God gave Israel through Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. Forty Years earlier Moses found himself on Mt. Sinai tending his father in laws, Jethro’s sheep. This is where God came to Moses in the burning bush. God promised Moses in Exodus 3:12 God would bring Israel back to this Mountain forty years later as a sign of Covenant.

The Hebrew letter that corresponds with the month of Sivan is “Gimel” The letter Gimel is a picture of a Camel bringing ones Provision. It was for 40 days Moses was on Mt. Sinai where God gave Moses the Blueprints for the Tabernacle which would house the very Shekinah Glory of God. So, this is the month of Supernatural Revelation for Provision.

The first hump of the camel then is the Giving of the Torah which in Hebraic understanding is the Tree of Life. The second hump to this camel is the Feast of Pentecost in Acts 1 and 2, the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and the promise of the Father in Joel 2. You see to move in discipleship one must have revelation with the Power of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit in your life.

Sivan is the month of continuous walking, not stopping, quitting, or giving up. It is the month to have mercy for completeness. The action for this month is walking. Our relationship with our Father is a journey/pilgrimage and we must have the Holy Ghost to supernaturally in dwell us to do so. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit would come and go upon the people but did not indwell in them. Because there had not been the price of atonement given for their sins. Once Yeshua, King Jesus had become the Passover Lamb of Atonement, now according to Acts 2 we can be baptized/filled with the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost.

This month is the constellation of Gemini. The Heavens declare God’s glory and tell a script of the Gospel Story. Gemini is a picture of twins. Gemini represents the two tablets in which God gave His Ten Covenants. It represents the two hump camels of the giving of the Law and the Holy Spirit. The twins Jacob and Esau were born in the month of Sivan. It represents the Jew and the Gentile becoming the one new man in Ephesians 2. Gemini also represents our walk lining up with our talk during this month.

Sivan has to do with the biblical tribe of Zebulun. Zebulun was the tribe that were blessed with business of fishing and sailing the sea to support the Levites and the rest of Israel. This is the businessperson’s month. They were loyal and diligent in working even when their allotment of land in the Promise was land locked. Interesting note that James and John the sons of Zebedee were from the tribe of Zebulun. They were commercial fisherman. Yet, the left all to follow Yeshua, King Jesus to be fishers of men.

There is so much more to unwrap and uncover the significance of the month of Sivan for the believer in Yeshua. We at Wellspring Israel will continue to be posting on FB and our YouTube Channel, Wellspring Israel much more. May you prosper in this Spiritual month as the Camel’s bring both your physical and spiritual provision. Shalom! Jim and Debbie Laymon

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