Tabernacle, Holy of Holies

The Tabernacle, more of this week’s teaching from Torah Reading,
Exodus 25: 10-22

The instructions regarding the building of the Tabernacle begin, from the inside and work their way outward. God’s instructions begin with the holiest (the Ark), then next move to the holy (the Menorah, the Table of Shewbread, and the Altar of Incense), and finally move out of the sanctuary into the area of humanity, the courtyard, where the sacrificial altar is located.

THE ARK OF TESTIMONY in The Holy of Holies-Exodus 25:10-25

This is where God met once a year with Aaron the High Priest.

In Exodus 25 God gave Moses three items which were to be placed inside the Ark of Testimony. All these were a type, foreshadowing, or pattern of Yeshua, King Jesus.

  1. The First Testimony according to Exodus 16:32-36 was a pot of manna to testify (note testify here means to swear) in the Hebrew “to swore” means 7 times to on oneself. God was saying to Moses and the people of Israel, “I AM” is taking an oath on Myself!
    Exodus 16 speaks of God providing “manna” every morning for six days a week bread to eat. God is your Provider! Jesus said, “I am the bread of Life.” Who ever eats of me will no longer hunger ever again.”
  2. The Second Testimony according to Numbers 17:1-12 was Aaron’s rod budding with Almonds. According to Numbers 17 God had Israel choose 12 Leaders from each tribe. Moses was to take a rod from each person and place in the Holy of Holies. They next day Moses went into the Holy of Holies and the person’s rod that had budded was the person’s rod whom God had Chosen. It was Aaron’s rod.

Aaron, who was from the Tribe of Levi was chosen that day as their High Priest.

  1. The Third Testimony in the Ark of Testimony/Ark of Covenant. According to Exodus 25 and 1 Kings 8:9. These tablets God had Moses fashion and bring to the top of Mt. Sinai to meet with Him. In Exodus 34, God takes the tablets that Moses made and writes the 10 laws of Covenant which is HaShem’s (God) covenant of relationships for the Nation of Israel.

Exodus 34 is fifty days after the miracle of crossing the red sea. This is called “Shavout” in Hebrew and Pentecost in Greek.
Here it was the birthing of a Nation, Israel. In Acts 2 it was the birthing of the “church.”

Next was the top of the Ark of Testimony and this is in Exodus 25:17-22
• Make one cherub at one end, and the other cherub at the other end; you shall make the cherubim at the two ends of it of one piece with the mercy seat.
• And the cherubim shall stretch out their wings above, covering the mercy seat with their wings, they shall face one another.
• Their faces shall be facing toward the mercy seat.

There God promises to meet with Moses/Aaron and He will speak above the the mercy seat between the cherubim. It is in the Ark of the Testimony also called the Holy of Holies God instructs Moses for Israel to follow.

Note that the children of Israel between the Red Sea deliverance at Passover and 50 day later at Mt. Sinai were fearful. They did not go into the promise land which God had promised because of fear of Giants. So, they wondered for 40 years. Yet, God was full of Grace and love toward them. He provided the earthly tabernacle as a pattern of the His heavenly Tabernacle.

In Exodus 25-27 God gives Moses the instructions of building His Tabernacle. God’s grace covered them because there was a PILLAR OF FIRE by night to guide them and a CLOUD by day to guide them. They did not move if the Pillar of Fire or Cloud did not move. It God’s Pillar of Fire and His Cloud moved then they moved. This is a type and shadow of Holy Spirit working in our life. We only move when Holy Ghost says move. He is our guide and comforter.

As I mentioned in the beginning the earthly Tabernacle was a pattern of what is in the spiritual. The different furnishing, dimensions, and instructions represent God’s Throne in Heaven. But it also is type and shadow of the SPIRIT Man. All starting from the most inward moving to the outward.

Our relationship with God starts in the Ark of the Testimony/Holy of Holies which represents man’s Spirit.

We will see in my next teaching the Holy Place, the assembly of 70 elders plus Moses, Aaron and Aarons two sons is the meeting place for them which is a type and shadow the SOUL of Man.
The outer courtyard of the Tabernacle is a type and shadow of the FLESH/PHYSICAL part of man.

Tomorrow I will give teaching on the Inner Place called the Holy Place or the or the place of cleansing. Shalom, Jim and Debbie Laymon

Cubit approximately 18 inches
Handbreadth approximately 3 inches
Omer approximately 2 quarts
Talent approximately 75 lbs. -95 lbs.

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