The Tabernacle’s Freewill Offering

Today’s Torah reading is in Exodus 25. As I was reading this morning concerning the freewill offering given to build the Tabernacle I was thinking of this explanation:

In vs.1, God tells Moses that He wants Moses to collect the materials needed for the Tabernacle from the Israelite people but ONLY from those who are willing to give without being coerced. This is to be an offering, a contribution. Nothing is to be given for any other reason than the person WANTS to give it. Notice that there is no penalty, nor is there to be any peer pressure or guilt applied to the people of Israel to give. There is no grand speech by Moses or Yehoveh that has been left to us as a model, to start the Building Fund. The need is stated, and then the giving is either from the people’s hearts or not at all. However, the Tabernacle is for the benefit of the entire community of Israel, so it is reasonably expected that all will contribute to one level or another.

I liken this to those of us who follow our Jewish Roots of Christianity and The Lord’s Feasts. Notice there is no penalty, nor peer pressure or quilt applied to the people whose spiritual eyes and hearts have not been opened. However the celebration of The Feasts are for all people both Jew and Gentiles.

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