The Spiritual Month of Adar 5782/February 2002

This spiritual month of Adar is the month of Strength. Strength means Joy, “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Joy is an emotion that evokes by wellness, Webster’s dictionary defines Joy as: “everything goes our way according to our desires.” But that is not true Joy. True Joy is not based on our circumstances but on relationship with God through Jesus.  That is true Joy!

Psalms 21, Psalms 51, John 3:16, True joy comes from a right relationship with God through Jesus.  Knowing God here and now.  If you’ve never received Jesus, today is the day of salvation.

Galatians 5:22, is fruit of the Holy spirit.  True Joy is the fruit of the Spirit.  Not from circumstances.  Part of the benefit of the believer.

How to Get His Joy to manifest in your life?

  1. Psalms 16.  Joy here means faces. Meeting face to face especially in this season.
  2. Isaiah 56:7, Meeting with God in His presence.
  3. Jeremiah 15:16, Getting in God’s word manifest with rejoicing in your heart.
  4. Psalms 1, joy comes from meditating on the Word.
  5. Esther, God can turn your situation on a dime.
  6. Phillipians- all about joy.  Rejoicing! Focus on God’s goodness and not circumstances. God is Absolutely Good, Romans 12, being transformed by the renewing of my mind.  Make your default shift to Joy.
  7. Proverbs 4:22 says, life is in our bones. Joy is our cure. Fear craves an emotion. 
  8. Proverbs 27:2 says that Rejoicing is like a vaccine.  “A joyful heart does Good like a medicine. There are no side effects and it is free. Start Rejoicing.

When we are rejoicing, we are saying what God says about us. 

Adar is the 12th month of and the last month of the Spiritual Calendar. So, let’s end this year with JOY!

The Hebrew Alphabet that goes along with the month of Adar is QOF. It is a picture of the back of the Head, cycle, time, circuit, and what is behind is Final. How we finish something is very important.  It’s also the last month of winter.  Keep moving forward, don’t look back. We must keep pressing on. Phil. 3:13, This one thing I do… pressing on toward the life of Christ Jesus.

So as this spiritual year is ending, we must celebrate certain endings in our life. Ecc.7:8 says, “the end of a thing is better than starting something.”  Everyone can start something, but it takes JOY and REJOICING to end a thing.

Now the heavens declare the glory of the Lord and constellations point to Messiah.  This month is the constellation of Pisces and it is the picture of the two fish.  This is symbolic of “Finding supply and identity in the Hidden word.” Also it is a depiction of the Jew and Gentile coming together as the one new man in Yeshua, King Jesus.  Col. 3:3, we are hidden in Christ.  Many of us may find ourselves Hidden because of life or this pandemic.  It is preparation for assignment for the future.  God’s readiness.

God doesn’t want the Giants to produce fear in us. 2 Timothy 1:7, God has not given to us a spirit of fear… but a sound mind.  FEAR CRAVES EMOTIONS!

Fear is a liar.  It comes from the father of lies himself. Romans 8:37, we are more than conqueror in Christ.  Proverbs 31:25, laugh and smile at the future. Taking God at his word.  The beloved of God.  I am my beloved and He is mine. His banner of me is love.  Knowing that the curse has been reversed over your life through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Joy should arise in our heart because when the giants come we know that we are God’s favorite. Our confidence arises and we can laugh in it’s face.

LAUGHTER IS THE ACTION TO DO THIS MONTH!  God is not boring. He laughs at our enemies. Hebrews 1:9 says that Jesus had more Joy than all of companions. The Lord is Joyful and we are created to be in His image.

The tribe for this month is Naphtali.  Jacobs blessing over his son, Naphtali was this, Genesis 49:21, a doe let lose leaps like a doe. This is the month to leap with Joy. Rejoice in the NT means to leap.  Naphtali was blessed with communication through movement and through words, swift to speak forth beautiful words. They were quick on their feet. To think, respond, speak, and react.  They were known for their speed and agility. Psalms 18 depicts this beautifully.  Our true position is Christ.  Naphtali was more than a tribe, but they were a dancing troop. They danced like a prisoner set free. They were free to dance and worship.  They were to be swift to dance on injustice. So in this month you may to consider dancing and worshiping, in new ways expressing your love and worship to God. OUR PRAISE CONFOUNDS THE ENEMY. 

Interesting, that back in 2020 during the year of the “Peh,” the Declaration of Communication the virus hit.  And I think masks steal joy! Now two years later in the Spiritual month of Adar our words are being censored.  Can’t make this stuff up.  Look at the book of the Acts 3 & 4, speaking of Peter and John being filled with the Holy Spirit they healed and lame man and he went forth leaping and rejoicing. Thousands of people believed, received the Holy Spirit.  The High Priest put them in jail. They asked them how did you do this? Because they thought they were uneducated.  Peter and John said they had been with Jesus.  They released them because they couldn’t deny the miracle of the lame man being healed.  But the High Priest ask Peter and John not to mention/preach the name of Jesus ever again.  In Acts 4: 19-20 they answered and said, we cannot but speak the name of Jesus. That should be our response today.

Lastly, there is an appointed time, called Purim.  The book of Esther.  All the characteristic of Adar are imbedded in Purim.

  • She was in a hidden place
  • God’s name is hidden in the book of Esther
  • She was hidden in a secret place of prayer to receive strategy
  • Out of prayer came wisdom for communication with the king
  • Out of the preparation in hiding she was divinely placed as queen
  • The curse was reversed.
  • They were bold and defended themselves
  • They took actions against false decrees
  • They defeated the giants Naaman and his false decrees
  • God’s decree was final
  • They were victorious in battle.
  • They survived, thrived, and were victorious

Purim commemorates this Victory. 

So, in closing the enemy wants you to close this spiritual year in defeat.  The enemy wants you to be hidden and give up.  But through Yeshua, King Jesus are future is BRIGHT because the Joy of The Lord Is Our Strength.  Amen!

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