Hanukkah Day 4, 5782/2021

As you light the fourth Candle of Hanukkah, let us be reminded of the time it took for the Maccabees to wait for the miracle to manifest. It took eight days for the sentry to travel to Northern Israel to retain the sanctified oil and get back to Jerusalem. Four travel days to and four travel days back.

It is hard to wait for a miracle. It is difficult to wait for unanswered prayer. Waiting is not natural for most people. Here are a few thoughts about waiting to consider.

When You wait:

  1. Serve others as if you were a waiter in a restaurant wearing an apron.
  2. Rehearse the Miracle in your minds eye. See it manifesting
  3. Speaking to the mountain be moved and not doubt.
  4. Give Thanks before the miracle even manifest and stand in faith.
  5. Seed, be a giver.
  6. Stand on the word of God and it’s promise that it will not come back void.

I’m reminded of the words of a song we used to sing, “Even though God has not answered your prayer the way you prayed He should, confident He’s working all together for your good. He is Able.”

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