How to Listen to the Voice of God and Live a Prophetic Lifestyle!

I was given an assignment of God to join the prayers of Intercessors in Memphis by going to each Hospital’s parking lot praying a divorce decree Against the Principality of Corona Virus and it’s spirit of fear, disease, and death that has exalted itself above Yeshua, King Jesus’ name and blood in this city. I prayed all morning in the Spirit how to strategize to do this.

I listened and followed Holy Spirit. For those of you who are prophetic and have ears to hear you will get this. I started in Olive Branch and took Airways toward 240. I took I-240 to Baptist Memorial. From Baptist Memorial I went to Germantown Methodist. From there I went down Poplar to St. Francis. Traveling back on 240 to Getwell, south back to Olivebranch. This is the route Holy Spirit took me.

Watch this:
I started at Olive Branch a place of peace, Shalom.
I travelled on the Airways of the Holy Spirit praying in the spirit on how and what to pray.
I took I-240, 2 is the number Of witness along with 40 the Biblical number for testing.
And Then I travelled back to Olive Branch a place of peace via Getwell.

God just spoke to me and said do you see the journey now I had you travel for your assignment? Wow! You can’t make this up. Do I have anybody in the Memphis area that will come in agreement for this Principality of Corona to be cast down? When you listen to God’s voice you can walk and live in a Prophetic lifestyle. Shalom

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