The Month of Elul is the Month To Dream Dreams. Awakening!

I had another very prophetic dream leading us to The New Biblical Year, 5782 this coming Monday night, September 6th at sundown.

Many in the church are looking to roll out their Rapture Rug and Fly Away from this mess. But I believe we are seeing and will see the greatest end time awakening/revival mankind has ever experienced. Here is my dream:

My Dream: Last night I was preaching in a church that was familiar to me. It was a large Sanctuary. It was an old sanctuary with pews that were curved around the building with a single isle in the middle. The pews were blonde oak in color. The service was full packed with people of all ages, races, ages, and dressed very well dressed to just shorts and flip flops. There were all colors of humanity represented in attendance to this church service; red, yellow, brown, black, white. The anointing was thick with Holy Spirit. I remember a couple things that were off not usual. My wife gave the announcements but left the white wireless mic under a pew three quarters back when it was my turn to start preaching. I could see it but couldn’t get to it. Someone handed me a cordless mic and I began to Minister. The first thing I said in the dream is, “welcome a family who has just come from Menninger Clinic, Topeka, KS. They are here for the first time and chose this church because of the purposeful children’s ministry we offer.” That is significant because my first ministry starting out from college was in Topeka, KS. And we ministered to outpatients and their families at Menninger Clinic. Menninger Clinic is a world-famous Psychiatric Care Clinic for those struggling with psychiatric issues.
The next scene was kind of chaotic. People were coming up to give their testimonies of miraculous healings in their life but were interrupting each other and not letting each one finish. And then a family dressed in Western wear with cowboy hats and boots began to sing a song about redemption in a yodeling kind of style. Then I took over the service and opened my bible to preach. I told the people who I was and I had been anointed and ordain to preach to set the captive free and then I preached, “Thy word is a lamp into my feet and light unto my path. Cast me not away from my presence or lord, take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of my salvation.” Then we began to sing it. As we sang it the glory/shekinah/Holy Spirit fell with a weighty presence and people began to get healed of mind binding spirits.
My father, Riley Laymon who is a retired preacher came up and ask if he could say something. He was old and senile because he has dementia and not shaven. That is unusual because he wants to be clean shaven every day. His hearing device had fallen out of his ear and he was fooling with it. I told him not worry about it and just say what was on his heart. He began to weep and cry and exhort the people to turn to Jesus. I told him it was okay and He gave an invitation like we use to do in church and the congregation began to run to the Altars, weeping, crying, kneeling asking God for forgiveness. There was no long drawn out invitation singing five verses of a song. People four and five rows deep praying.
Final scene. I began to exhort, prophecy, and encourage the congregation to Love one another, and turn to Jesus. I remember quoting the verse, “Train up a child in the way he will go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” Then I began to prophecy their grown adult children would be in their right mind like the prodigal and they would see them coming to repentance. I blessed the congregation with the Aaronic Blessing, “May the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and lift his countenance upon you and may you walk in peace”
Then I dismissed them. But they didn’t want to leave for the presence of God was so thick. So I stepped down off the platform and began to bless them. The Lord told me to lay hands on them and they would be instantly healed of all mind binding spirits. As I was praying for each one and blessing them they were falling out/slain under the Almighty power of God and being gloriously set free.
Then I woke up and immediately started writing the dream.

Interpretation: First of all the old Sanctuary represents the old places of worship, the old wells, the traditional denominations will be re-visited again for awakening. Likened to Jacob having to re-dig the wells of his father, Isaac. This awakening will cross over and touch all races, nations, ages, and cultures.

The wireless mic being white and under the pews three quarters back has to do with 25 percent of the church is listening and walking in the awakening, but the message of the Gospel awakening is hidden in the church and waiting to be released to the other 75 percent.

Karl Menninger Clinic has to do with the mind binding spirits, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies that is binding, blinding, and seducing the younger/ children of our families, churches, and society.

The family singing in the cowboy dress and yodeling has to do with the presentation of the awakening will look different and sound different than what we traditionally understand and look for. A New Sound. And all those that worship at the feet of Hillsong, Elevation, and Bethel handle the new sound?

The purposeful children’s ministry spoken in the dream is significant with the spoken scripture of, “Train up a child where they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” By the way, spoken words in dreams are very significant and take notice of them.

The dream is about “generational” blessings. My father represents the Baby Boomers. He had gray whiskers because it represents wisdom. His earing aide was not in his ear, and he was fooling with it because in the dream the hearing aid represented man’s way of hearing and doing. But he spoke with out it in his ear because He was speaking what God was telling him, Repentance.

The Final scene is prophetic because of the Aaronic Blessing being pronounced over the people. The Aaronic Blessing is the Blessing spoken over all of Israel at the Day of Atonement when the High Priest would Atone their Sin for another year. We know Yeshua, King Jesus is that Atonement and once and for all eternity. In this new year 5782, is the time to walk in Blessing and not Cursing. Watch what you say and how you say it.

In the dream at the end, I stepped down off the platform. Platform has to do with the familiar ways of doing things and operating. God is asking us to take a leap of faith and step down from what is comfortable and move in the realms of faith and the unknown in this new season. When we do this people’s lives will be touched, healed, delivered, forgiven, and in their right mind.

This dream is in my dream language. I have dreams about ministry and playing Basketball. But I know when they are very prophetic. So, I share this with all humility and respect of our Heavenly Father and or Messiah, Yeshua, King Jesus. Shalom and Major Blessings for the New Year, 5782. Jim Laymon

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