The Barley Loaf is Coming

Good Morning and Shabbat Shalom. Wellspring Israel, Jim Laymon and Debbie Laymon could not be on FB Live last night but I wanted to give a brief teaching to help you stay in the season and timing of the Lord. We are now in the Biblical calendar called the counting of the Omer. This is the 50 days between Passover and Pentecost (the Red Sea and the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai.) Also it is the 50 days between Yeshua’s resurrection and His ascension.The Feast of Passover is about the Barley Harvest. At the resurrection of Yeshua, the High Priest was waving the first fruit of a Barley stalk to the Adonai. Yeshua, our risen Messiah fulfills First Fruits because He is the First Fruit of our Salvation and Deliverance.Back to the Barley. In Judges 6-7 there is a story of a young prophet named Gideon. Because Israel had forgotten to honor God’s Feasts and worshipped the the god’s of their day, the Midianites had pillaged their harvest. Gideon is in the wine press hiding when God calls him to save the people of Israel. He is hesitant to follow and obey. In the process (it is a great story of deliverance) a Israelite man has a vision of the Midianites being destroyed by a gigantic BARLEY LOAF rolling down the mountain and running over all the enemy. Hollywood could not write a better script. I can just hear the Midianites screaming, “the Barley Loaf is coming.” This is a picture of the Barley Harvest of First Fruits. This story takes place during the Counting of the Omer. Wow, because you have Honored Adonai’s Appointed time the Barley Loaf is destroying your enemy and all his theft upon and over you. Can you join me this Shabbat and Praise Yeshua, King Jesus our First Fruits deliver, “THE BARLEY LOAF IS COMING!”Here is some Good News. Father God, Adonai doesn’t want you to miss out on the 9 Blessings of Passover. So if you missed honoring and celebrating Passover 2021 you still can. On April 26, 2021 you can honor Passover because this day is called Passover of Second Chance, Pesach Sheni. God so wants to bless you and your household gives a second opportunity for those who missed Passover at the beginning of this month. Worship the Lord on April 26th by Thanking Adonai for Yeshua, King Jesus being the Passover Lamb without blemish, the First Fruits of our Salvation. Give an offering of Thanks because we are not to come empty handed to the Feasts of the Lord. So, this month of April you get experience God’s covenant days. The Barley Loaf is coming! Shalom!

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