Seven Places Yeshua, King Jesus Bled as The Passover Lamb

Jesus Shed His Blood Seven Places:

How many know we’ve been redeemed by the Blood of the Passover Lamb?  Do you know what we’ve been redeemed from?  Do you know where Jesus Blood was shed?  Yes, the Cross!  But did you know that Jesus shed His blood seven places and seven different times?  Seven times that you and I might be forgiven of our sins, and set free from the bondage of sin and the iniquities that have been passed down to our families.

1.    Jesus Shed His Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane to Redeem our WILL

2.    Jesus Shed His Blood at the whipping post to Redeem us From Sickness

3.    Jesus Shed His Blood with the Crown of Thorns to break the Curse of Poverty

4.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Nail Pierced Hands to Restore our Dominion

5.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Nail Pierced Feet to Restore our Authority

6.    Jesus Shed His Blood in His Spear-Pierced Side to Heal our Broken Heart

7. Jesus Bruised His Heal (a bleeding on the inside) to break the Power of Iniquity.

Not only did Yeshua redeem us from the curse of sin but each one of the plagues mentioned in Exodus is also mentioned in Revelations. What is in the natural in the Old Testament is in the spiritual in the New Testament. God’s Judgment is always about mercy and grace, redemption and revival, and His salvation (solo) completely happening upon the earth.

1st plague: blood – Water is turned to blood in Exodus 7:20 and Rev. 8:8; 16:4.

2nd plague; frogs – Frogs inhabit the land in Exodus 8:6 and are described in Rev. 16:13-14.

3rd plague: gnats – Gnats (lice) cover the land in Exodus 8:17 and may be described in Rev. 6:7-8; 9:1-11.

4th plague: flies – Flies (swarms) overtake and destroy the land in Exodus 8:24 and are described in Rev. 6:7-8; perhaps also 9:1-11.

5th plague: livestock disease – While Goshen is protected, disease strikes livestock in Exodus 9:6 and Rev. 6:7-8; perhaps also 9:1-11.

6th plague: boils – While Goshen seems to be protected, boils and sores cover people and animals in Exodus 9:10 and Rev. 16:2, 11.

7th plague: hail – While Goshen seems to be protected, hail destroys the land in Exodus 9:23-24 and Rev. 8:7; 16:21.

8th plague: locusts – While Goshen seems to be protected, locusts swarm the land in Exodus 10:13-15 and Rev. 6:7-8; 9:1-11.

9th plague: darkness – While Goshen is protected, thick darkness covers the land in Exodus 10:22 and Rev. 16:10.

10th plague: death – While all who apply the blood of a lamb to the doorposts of their homes are protected, the death of every first born male occurs in Exodus 12:29. The book of Revelation indicates one third of humankind perishes during the end times. (Rev. 9:15, 19:19-21)

God engineered each of the ten plagues to magnify His name and display His redemptive glory. His judgments should not be seen as primarily punitive in nature, but as His righteous administration of justice. Bear in mind that the Hebraic concept of justice includes mercy. This is why many Egyptians turned to Adonai, joined faith with the Israelites and left Egypt together with them in the exodus. (Exodus 12:38) The Egyptians’ turning to God was the result of His redemptive mercy. Similarly, God’s end times judgments should be seen as His righteous administration of justice more than as punishment. Because of His redemptive mercy, multitudes will turn to Him in a wonderful and final, global harvest.

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