Nine Blessings of Passover

Passover Preparation: Passover starts this Sunday, March 28th

Would you agree with me…we need higher levels of protection, provision, health, and authority with every promotion in 2021?

While celebrating Passover, the yearly gift from God of the 9 blessings of Passover is especially designed to answer that purpose.

Of the many wonderful things that happen at Passover, the 9 blessings of Passover God grants us stand not only an honor to receive, but as a necessity for us to answer God’s call on our lives!

But where does God’s Word speak of these 9 blessings? What can we expect when we set our feet under our Father’s Passover table?
According to Exodus 23 Passover has 9 blessings, each with unique importance for our transition into the next season and deeper levels of intimacy with Christ.

These blessings are:

  1. Divine Protection, Exodus 23:20
  2. Protection from Enemies through Positioning and Alignment,
    Exodus 23:22
  3. Commissioning of Divine Authority, Exodus 23:24
  4. Supernatural Health and Kingdom Prosperity, Exodus 23:25
  5. Covenant Protection for Multiplication and Longevity,
    Exodus 23:26
  6. A Godly Release of Fear and Respect from Enemies,
    Exodus 23:27
  7. Relief from the Threat of Enemies, Exodus 23:28
  8. The Gift of Dominion and an Increased, Exodus 23:30
  9. Freedom from Corrupt Covenants, Exodus 23:33

Without these 9 blessings we are missing a specific designed piece from God. One that is meant to fit into our calling and purpose.
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