Thy Loving Kindness Endures Forever

Shabbat Shalom! Notes from Wellspring Israel’s teaching video last night.

The Israelites believed in Moses being the deliver. They had been in bondage for 400 years. But when Pharaoh hardened his heart and made things much more difficult for the slaves, they lost their breath. Exodus 6:9-10, “So Moses spoke accordingly to the Children of Israel; but they did not heed Moses because of shortness of breath and hard labor.”

This passage may not say much to you so let me expound a little for you to see this picture. The harder life gets because of the pharaoh’s in our lives…it is hard to believe. The enemy has a way of constricting one’s life to where they cannot walk in hope, faith, and belief. This was the very scenario of the Children of Israel.

Could this be you or someone you know? There is hope.

When Moses ask the Lord, “who should I say sent me?” God answered, “YHVH/AdonaI” the one with Loving Kindness. When life hits us hard THY LOVING KINDNESS IS BETTER THAN LIFE.

In Hebrew the numerical value of YHVH is 26. There were 26 generations from Adam to Moses. Ten generations from Adam to Noah. Ten generations from Noah to Abraham and 6 generations from Abraham to Moses. In Exodus 6:2-3, “The Lord said to Moses, I am the Lord, I revealed myself to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by the name El Shaddai but my name (YHVH/Adonai) the Lord was not known to them(Children of Israel.)”

Just like then, God wants to reveal Himself to us as Adonai/YHVH, Thy Loving Kindness. In Psalms 136 David writes of Adonai as being His love endures forever. Twenty six in Hebrew is derived from two numbers 13 X 2=26. The number 13 is the value of Hebrew words (echad) One and (ahavah) love. Together they equal 26.

Significantly, God revealed Himself to Israel as YHVH when they were at the lowest of emotions and life where they could not even breathe. God was saying to Moses, tell them I am to them, “Loving Kindness.”

If you find yourself just like the Children of Israel today, there is HOPE! In Psalms 136, David writes 26 times, “His Love Endures Forever.” Take the time to read Psalms 136 today. It will give you breath so you can breathe again and not be constricted.

I think it is not a coincidence that Covid constricts one’s breath in the physical. Thus constricting our society of work, worship, gathering, socializing, and travel. I myself am not going to allow the spirit of Pharaoh/Covid to constrict my breathing so I can’t see God’s hope, vision, and destiny. I’m singing the song today, “THY LOVING KINDNESS IS BETTER THAN LIFE.” Will you sing it with me? Shabbat Shalom!
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