The 11th Hour, November 3, 2020

We are at the 11th hour:

As I was preparing for my Wellspring Israel ministry Facebook post this morning November 1, 2020 I heard the Lord ask, “what month is today in the Gregorian Calendar?” I said the 11th month of November. I knew He was asking me for me to study my Hebrew alphanumerical resources, because He didn’t ask the question for Himself. But for me to share.

The number 11 in scripture is a revelatory number. Eleven can be a number of judgment or a number of blessings. Number 11 in judgement has to do with the unbelief and disobedience of man that brings disorder, thus judgement. On the other side the number 11 has to do with man’s faith and obedience in return brings God’s Blessings. The number of 11 is made up of two numbers in scripture 6 the number for man or flesh and 5 the number for God’s grace. Like in Joshua’s day I believe God is watching to see which side America stands. “Choose this day who you will serve. For me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

So we find ourselves in America at the 11th hour. The eleventh hour has to do with URGENCY, where we will either receive God’s blessings or God’s judgments. In scripture,God is speaking some positive things concerning the number 11.

Hebrews 11 is known as the Hall of Faith. Without going through the study of Hebrews, Hebrews is all about a better covenant not made with hands, but made through Yeshua, King Jesus. The eleventh chapter in Hebrews is a history lesson of the people who followed God by FAITH and in return they and their family for generations walk in God’s Grace and Favor. In Hebrews 11 there are 11 people or groups of people God says are in His Hall of Fame for the Faith. They are: Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, Gideon & Barak, and the Prophets: Samuel, Jepthah, David and Samuel.

Would you like to be on the winning team? Choose this day who you will serve. For King David there were 11 mighty men of valor. They were kind of like his Secret Service who fought the enemy and were victorious. They were: Ezer, Obadiah, Eliab, Mishmannah, Jeremiah, Attai, Eliel, Johanan, Elzabad, Jeremiah, Makbannai.

The Greatest Hero of All was Yeshua, King Jesus. He was 33 years of age when He defeated three foes of his children, you and I. He defeated three little kings that Satan uses day and night to destroy and wear down people. These little kings are sin, death, and the cross. Each one of these little kings brings chaos and disorder which represents 11 but God, through King Jesus defeated them once and for all Colossians 2:11-15. Three times eleven(3 x 11=33)

In the book of Revelation the promises of God are only for those who OVERCOME. In the end King Jesus is going to come and mop up and destroy every work of Satan and his cohorts. Did you know the word “overcometh” is mentioned 11 times in Revelation? Not only that, but the word “overcome” is mentioned 22 times in the Old Testament. You can’t make this stuff up! Isaiah 22:22 is known as the Keys of David to Open doors and to Shut doors. Twenty two is 11 doubled. So we can also see God’s Double Blessing to govern in the heavenlies God’s righteous mandates here on earth.
So I’ve written this to show you we are living at THE ELEVENTH HOUR here in America.

Will the people of God, the church, and the body of Christ stand up and be counted? Will be a Church in the last days that is salt and light or will be a church that gathers but does not have a Head? This November 3rd, 2020 will tell the story. There are many churches in America. In fact you can find one on every street corner. It saddens me to say that many of these churches are not the Bride, the body of Christ. They have become a gathering of Satan. They are really monsters having a body but being headless. Not every church, nor steeple belongs to Yeshua, King Jesus. A headless church/body is useless, dead, and good for nothing, Revelation 2 and 3. When something belongs to King Jesus it is supposed to be used for Christ’s purpose. Pastor Troy Brewer has said, “When something or someone is out of order through disobedience and Christ is not first, God will judge it and stamp the number 11 on it.”

This Tuesday the eleventh month and third day of 2020 we get to choose disorder or blessings for our Nation. For me and my house we will choose to serve the Lord. How about you and your house? Shalom! Wellspring Israel

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