God’s Got This!

PEACE: Genesis 1 through Genesis 6:8

This week”s Torah Reading begins with The Creation story in Genesis 1 and goes through the Genesis 6:8. Before God(Elohim) made Eve He told Adam not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, because if you do you will surely die. It is interesting that the serpent ask Eve if you eat of it you surely won’t die, not Adam. The serpent tempted Eve in the Garden. The devil tempted Yeshua in a desert. Let that contrast sink in.

Eve’s temptation centered around three realities—the fruit was:

  1. Good for food (even though she could eat of any other tree)
  2. A delight to the eyes
  3. To be desired to make one wise (Gen 3:6/ESV)

Now compare the three temptations that Yeshua successfully overcame:

  1. Turn stones into bread (food to eat after He hadn’t eaten for 40 days)
  2. Throw Himself down and put on a supernatural rescue show (look impressive)
  3. Worship the satan in exchange for control of the world’s kingdoms (success)

Eve may have “fallen,” but her Seed would rise to the occasion in a strikingly similar encounter thousands of years in the future. The enemy may be “shrewder than any animal of the field” (Gen 3:1), but he has no original material—he merely repackages the same old stuff. Through Yeshua, we can face life’s multiplied temptations victoriously. The Lord’s victories in the desert and on the cross reached their culmination as He stood, gloriously resurrected, in a garden (once again).

Elohim in the Hebrew language has the alpha numeric number of “86”. Elohim describes God as the all-powerful Omnipotent One who has absolute power and control over everything. The fact that both Elohim and hateva (“nature”) have the same numerical value (86) underscores this concept. Elohim (86) is the One who created and has complete power over all creation (86).

Yeshua came in the flesh and tabernacle with us (this is another reason why it is important to celebrate Sukkot) Yeshua is Elohim’s Son. Yeshua, like His Father has the same characteristics. Thus Yeshua has the power and authority to overcome nature(hateva “86”).

As I have been quarantined for the past 10 days with Covid Yeshua, has the Omnipotent power over the natural disease of Covid. If he can speak to the wind and storm and say “Shalom”(peace), He can speak to anything in this natural realm with authority. Be encouraged that no matter what you are going through in the natural realm, Elohim and Yeshua has GOT THIS. SHALOM!

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