The New Year 5781 A Year To Open Your Mouth and Breathe


Today is the First day of the Biblical month of Tishri. Those who know what the Spirit is saying and set their days upon the season, timing, and days to the Feasts of the Lord realize today is a weighty day of God’s Holy Presence as we close the door on this past year, 5780 in the Biblical Calendar.

This past Friday night at sundown we enter into the New Year of 5781. The Hebrew language is so colorful and pictorial in meaning deeper than our English language. The Number “80” is a picture of a mouth wide open. So starting Friday nightwe entered in the year and decade of the MOUTH WIDE OPEN!

Pey” is the Hebrew letter for the number 80, a picture symbol of a mouth. Discerning when to speak and when to be quiet will be a critical component during the next decade if we are to see the Kingdom of God growing in our lives and our world through our declarations of faith. The Hebrew letter “Ayin” (the eye) gives insight, but it is the “Pey” (mouth) that gives insight expression. Wisdom is the key.

The mouth is the expression of the breath. Through our mouths the breath becomes vocalized. The main channel through which breath is exchanged is through the mouth, thus the mouth becomes a powerful expression of the Breath of the Holy Spirit. It can also become a powerful expression of our own breath. In the Hebrew alphabet “Pey” follows “Ayin,” which emphasizes that sight precedes expression. Those who have spent a great deal of time seeing what God is saying should have no difficulty in the next decade also expressing His thoughts in word and deed. Conversely, because the eyes are more emphasized than the mouth, those who are blind will speak blindly, an unceasing mindless chatter due to blind consumption.

What Should we Declare in this New Year 5781?

  1. Declare the Impossible IS Possible!
  2. Declare I am the Righteousness of God!
  3. Declare Thy Will Be Done!
  4. Declare Prayer is powerful! A Prophetic Word to the Church

The saints in Heaven are asking the army on earth to pray, not to retreat, or to leave the Church but to Pray for Her. To hold fast against the assails of the devil of which the gates of hell will not prevail! (Matthew 16:17-19).

Declare with me “I will widen my mouth in prayer to you O’ Lord! I will widen my mouth in repentance. I will widen my mouth against the lies and tactics of the enemy. I will widen my mouth to stand firm against the onslaught of hell against my family, church, and Nation. I will widen my mouth to pray for your Bride, your shepherds in the earth, and all your holy anointed ones. Grant me the Grace in prayer to stand firm until the Last Day.”

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