Day 4 of Elul: The Law of Displacement

Day Of 4 of Teshuvah of Biblical month of Elul. Teshuvah means RETURN or REPENTANCE as in to the Lord. Blow your Shofar 4 times. The Number 4 in Hebrew has to do with Times and Seasons. Not only as to Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. But to do also with God’s Moadims: The yearly Feasts, Monthly new moons, and the weekly Shabbats.

The month of Elul has to do with the Law of Displacement: Light displaces darkness, you don’t get rid of it, just turn on the light, darkness must flee. Daniel said, “you get rid of evil by acts of righteousness.” Walk right and darkness will flee.

So what do you need to Displace over your life? Write in comments…

Father, in the name of Yeshua, King Jesus I displace:

Sickness with the Faith for healing.

Sin and disobedience with Repentance and confession.

Offense, Bitterness, and Hate with walking in forgiveness.

Jealousy and Covetousness with Thankfulness and Praise for what I have and where I live and work.

National Lawlessness and Rioting with Declaring Revival and Holy Spirit outpouring of God’s Love.

Division and Strife with Unity.

Deceit, falsehood, and lying with Truth and Light.

Destruction, Mayhem, and fighting with Peace, Protection, and Victory.

Speaking things that are not as though they are!
Speaking life disbursing darkness with your tongue.
Praying the opposite until wrong becomes right

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