The Hebrew Meaning of Life

I believe my days are numbered. Numbers are big with our Father, Adonai. In the Biblical calander we are in the month of AV. AV means Father as in “Abba Father”, “Pappa.” The Hebrew language is an Alpha Numeric language. Meaning every letter represents a number and every word is a number also. So then words form pictures.
This past Wednesday was the 15th of AV. Seventeen means One and Love which is Thanksgiving.
This past Friday was the 17th day of AV. Seventeen means Victory.
Yesterday was the 18th day of AV. The primary significance of the number 18 is LIFE. In Hebrew, the same word for life is “ZOE”- is number 18. It is such a big deal for the Jewish people that anytime they give financial gifts to others, it is always in multiples of 18. EIGHTEEN is the number that represents LIFE in Yeshaua, King Jesus. For the believer Life is always multiplying.
The Hebrew word “chai” means ALIVE which is comprise of the 8th and 10th letter of the Hebrew Alpahabet. The Slogan “To Life” (L’chaim!”)
18 the Number of The Breath Of Life:
• In Humans the average of Breaths per minute is 18.
• The number 18 is life for some and death for others.
• The Bible List 18 traitors.
• There were 18 judges given to kingless man.
• There were 18 questions demanded of Yeshua, King Jesus.
The Bondage to Sin and Man Times 3:
In the negative, the number 18 (3 X 6) or the number of man, man, man is associated very closely with the flesh.
Genesis 2:7
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.
Job 33:4
The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
Finally, today August 9, 2020 is the 19th day of AV. Nineteen in Hebrew means “ordering your fruit.” Ten in Hebrew means “Order” and 9 in Hebrew means “Fruit. Did you know that in Hebrew 11, known as the chapter of Heroes there are 19 people mentioned as heroes?
Wow, what a week to allow God to breath LIFE in you and me. L’chaim, Be ALIVE!

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