How To Get Back What The Devil has Stolen:

Today is a very important day. Do you know why it is so important? Today is a very important day if you are a believer in Yeshua, King Jesus. Today is the first day of the month of AV in the Biblical Calendar. This is the month for those of us that are living during the era of AD, “after Christ” when we can choose to see God reverse the curse and redeem our time and season. The sad thing is for people who are living BC the time “before Christ” not choosing Yeshua may experience some of the most horrific events since WWII.

AV is the 11th month of the civil calendar of Israel. This is the month to get low, to get back what the devil has stolen from you. This is the month to walk in two scriptures: Psalms 51:17, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and contrite heart–these, O God, You will not despise.” and 1 Peter 5:6, “Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.”

On the 9th day of AV through out history evil things happen to the Jewish People. It was like America’s 9/11. Every one remembers 9/11 in America. Well Israel date is 11/9. Do you know on the 11th month and 9th day these following things happened?

Av 9- 587BC- The armies of Babylon destroyed Solomon’s Temple

Av 9- 70 AD- The Romans destroyed the 2nd Temple

Av 9 135 AD- The final defeat of Jews by Rome

Av 9 1095 AD- The 1st Crusade is launched, which killed 50 thousand of Jews by the Pope Urban II.

Av 9 1290 AD The Jews are expelled from England by King Longshanks, remember the movie Brave Heart, FREEDOM. Yea that guy.

Av 9 1492 AD The Jews are expelled from Spain. It became unlawful to be a Jew in Spain. And a Jewish Sailor named Columbus was hired to take the Jewish people to a New World. So when BLM and Antifa want to destroy the Statue of Columbus it is a very Anti-semitic act.

Av 9 1942 AD The Jews are deported from Warsaw ghetto’s to the death camps after they decided to take up arms and fight. Fifty thousand were killed by Nazi’s.

Av 9 2005 AD was the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza strip and given to Israel’s enemies. This is where most of the rockets and bombs come from into Israel today.

Why has this been such a horrible day for Israel? Because it was on The 9th of Av Israel’s sin of unbelief at Kadish Barnea took place. God brought Israel out of Egypt by His mighty hand and power. The spies went into the promise land and brought back a report of unbelief. Two spies said we can take the land God has promised. On The 9th of Av, Israel chose to listen to the voice of UNBELIEF! God designed this month to celebrate the month to enter the Promise Land. The spies said, “We don’t have the strength to take the land.”

So this is the month for us to break the old iniquitous patterns in our life of unbelief and doubt. As Hebrew 4:1-2 says, “they refused to mix the promise with faith.” As a result the month of Av began a month of destruction and mourning.

I wrote early in this blog a very significant thought for this month. If you want to get back what the devil has stolen from you, you must get low. Because it is in a lowly position the devil can’t see you. He hates humility. The devil hates a person who mourns and repents of sin. This month is a timing and season of PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE!

July is the month when you can see the NeoWise Comet in the night skies. According to astronomers it is happening in the later part of July 2020. It takes the NeoWise Comet 6800 years to orbit the earth’s atmosphere. That means the last time it could be seen in the night sky was during the time of Adam and Eve. According to scripture a thousand years is like a day to the God. There are 2000 years between Adam and Abraham, 2000 thousand years between Abraham and Yeshua, King Jesus, and 2000 years between Yeshua and today. That is 6 days and the NeoWise Comet takes 6800 years. What is that saying to us prophetically? It is time to get WISE in a NEW Way. The Comet is showing the world that the 7th Day is near and the 7th day is the millennial reign of Yeshua, King Jesus, The Day of the Lord. For the next 9 days get low because those who do on AV 15th/August 5th is Jubilee Victory Day. Shalom!

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