Shabbat Blessing

Speak this Shabbat Blessing over your family, household, and city

According to your Faith, may it be unto you.” Or according to your obedience my it be So.

May The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;

May The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.”

May you reach the purpose for which you were created. May you have courage above your peers.

May you have more passion for the things of God than others think is necessary.

May you dream more than others think is practical, and may you expect more than others think is possible.

May you choose wisely, without earthly bias.

May You have people to influence that you have not yet met.

MayYou have lives to change that are waiting for your arrival.

May You be strategically placed wherever God takes you by His grand design, just so you can become all He made you to be.

That place is the place you can best grow, the place you can be most fruitful, the place where the future is changed because of your presence.

May you see vistas that others do not even know exist.

May you see God in every petal of every flower and in every blade of grass for each of them are designed by His hand.

May you bless your children and may they become giants in the faith under the mighty hand of God.You will not fail, you were made by God to be here—for such a time as this.

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