Numbers Having to Do With Corona Virus and Passover

Nisan means Miracle. This first month of the Biblical Calendar is called Nisan. In Hebrew the first syllable of this word is “née” which means “miracle”. God told the children of Israel that I want to make this your first month. Remember they had been in bondage and enslavement for 400 years. So they had forgotten the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Adonai. First in Hebrew mean Rosh Chodesh or the New Beginning. Thus, Passover is the first month of your Miracle. Watch this, another Hebrew word that has the numerical value of 367 is hand along with the number 14. Purim, the story of Esther is about God’s unseen hand touching and changing the story on a dime. We are to celebrate Purim on the 14th day of the last month of the Biblical calendar. And we are to celebrate Passover on the 14th month of Nisan the first month of Biblical Calendar. Thus we see and experience both of God’s hands. His Unseen Hand-Purim and His Revealed Hand-Passover.

The word for Corona in Hebrew has the numerical value of 367. Corona is mentioned in Genesis where God tells Noah, “you shall not eat of the flesh of a living creature.” In Hebrew this phrase has a numerical value of 367. Back to Noah it is connected with Deuteronomy 12:53 that says, “you shall not eat the meat of the flesh of a living animal. That phrase also has a numerical value of 367. Obviously the significance of that is it is suspected the Corona Virus was generated in a wet market in China where somebody was eating flesh of a living creature which was alive when it was consumed breaking that law which is one of 7 basic Hebrew laws God gave Noah.

This connects with Passover because their is a commentary by one of the well known sages, Rashi. He writes that when the children of Israel are to eat of the Passover lamb they need to make sure it is fully cooked, well done. You shall not eat of the lamb that is not well done. Flesh that is eaten not fully cooked is called “CORONAH” in the Arabic language. This is stupid amazing. Who would had believed that this corona virus connects to this season of Passover?

We are not just going to win the battle on a Scientific level but on a spiritual level too. Because God created the heavens and the earth. Passover and this season is so significant because it is about the Blood of The Lamb of God, Yeshua Himself. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Not only is Hebrew language Alpha Numeric but the Greek language is Alpha Numeric as well. So the word in Matthew 21:21 says, “So Jesus answered and said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ it will be done. And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” The word for “cast” in the Greek has a numerical value of 367.

So the church needs to have this kind of faith. Passover kind of faith for miracles that we can cast down things that are not of God, i.e. corona virus and not doubt. This is the season we are in. Interesting enough this decade of roaring 20’s, 2020 is the decade of the “Peh” in Hebrew which means Mouth. We are in the first year of this new era to speak and cast down everything that is not of God. We need to take authority over the corona virus. We need to pray against the corona virus. Like Israel did when the had the faith at Passover. Like the blood on the door post of their dwelling places. We need to declare it so. Passover was the first mention of social distancing and stay in your home. The corona virus is like Egypt. The death of the first born, the corona virus will not enter you home. I declare it with so with you. It will not enter your dwelling place, your home. We are declaring right now the Blood of the greater Lamb, the Blood of Yeshua the Messiah on the door post of our hearts and homes right now. Amen

In Numbers, Miriam complains (opens her mouth) and speaks evil of Moses. God strikes her with leprosy and she and her hand begins to “wither”. And Moses cry’s out for God to please heal her. In this passage the Hebrew word for heal her has a numerical value of 367. On the on hand the corona wants to wither, isolate, and destroy us, and then God’s word to “heal” is the opposite with the same numerical value. God brings the healing. God had the healing even before this sickness was created.

It even gets better. In the Greek, Yeshua goes into the synagogue and there is a man with a “withered” hand. Withered in Greek language has the numerical value of 367. Because in the natural corona wants to cause people’s lungs to wither. Corona wants to cause people’s finance to wither. It wants to isolate us until our hope begins to wither. But Yeshua is the great physician, the great healer and He walks in and touched that man’s withered hand, 367 and the man is totally healed. Wow, So I am declaring now for you and your household, during this Passover season that the Blood of the Lamb, Yeshua is your healer, deliverer, and restorer. That your finances is not going to wither. That your health is not going to wither. That your relationships are not going to wither. That our Nations is Not going to wither. That God is going to restore our Nation and Israel. Like Yeshua did when He touched that mans hand on the Sabbath and was made whole. And like Adonai did at Passover. Amen and Amen.

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