5780/2020 The Decade of Order

This past Saturday, December 28th began the 10th biblical month of Tevet. Tevet is a month to pray for Leadership. Many years ago while studying Leadership, John Maxwell ask the question, “are you a Leader?” Many people will answer NO! But the truth of the matter is we all are leaders in some way. Your a leader if you are Mom or Dad. Your a leader if you are a Grandparent. You are a leader because you influence friends, family, and others by the way you carry yourself. Your attitude, your talk, your persona.

That being said, Tevet being the 10 month I have did a study on what the number 10 means in scripture. The number 10 has to do with timelines and how God carries out a plan in perfect order. It is the number where God reveals His plan and sets things in order to His plan. One of the four perfect numbers, 10 has to do with God setting up things for His purposes and plan.

Ten is also the number for Kingdom. Perfect order is simply, “Christ the Head.” He didn’t come to be a 6 pound Hebrew/Jewish baby. He came to be Lord of Lords and King of King. The first time the word Kingdom is found in the Bible is Genesis 10:10. For this month of Tevet which includes the new year 2020 God wants to launch a new campaign of reminding us who is boss. He tends to preach through His Word the number 10.

That is why when Pharaoh thought he was god over the Israelites, God gave him 10 plagues. When the Jews thought they would be god over their lives, He gave them to 10 Commandments. Did you know also Noah was the 10th generation from Adam. And that is God showing up to remind the world that He was boss. Setting everything back to divine order again.

Here are some examples of 10 in Scripture as God’s Perfect Order According To His Plan:

1. King David was the 10th in line from Judah. (Ruth 4:18-22)

2. Noah was the 10th descendant from Adam.

3. Abraham was the 10th descendant from Noah.

4. The Ten Commandments are found in Exodus 10 (10 X 2=20)

5. Under the Law your tithe is 10 percent, meaning your finances belong to the Lord.

6. In Genesis 1, the phrase “God said” shows up 10 times. Perfect order comes from living according to the Master’s order.

7. There are 10 Kingdom parables in book of Matthew.

8. There are 10 “I AM” statements of Christ in the book of John.

9. In the natural we have 10 fingers. What we do has to do with God’s will and way.

10 We have 10 toes. The life we walk belongs to God. Don’t get that out of order.

As I reflect on this last day of 2019 and last day of the decade of 2010’s I am reminded of the old song we used to sing in the 80’s. “If God is not Lord of ALL, God is not Lord AT ALL. Somethings to think about as we enter a new year and decade. Shalom!

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