Swing Wide The Gates

As we celebrate the last few hours of Feasts of Tabernacles let us remember to decree and declare an open heaven above us. It is so important for Christians to celebrate the Feasts of our Lord because the Feasts breaks the Destructive Cycles in our lives. Satan wants to wear out the saints (Dan. 7:25) with cycles of poverty, debt, addiction, unbelief, sin and destruction, and infirmities. The honoring and celebrating God’s Feasts are to BREAK these cycles in you and your blood line including your family. God wants Blessings to flow to you from heaven to earth. By celebrating these Feasts, the Feast of Tabernacles you are BREAKING off the old cycles and entering into the NEW CYCLES OF BLESSINGS, RENEWAL, RESTORATION, AND PURPOSE. Take these last few hours and start decreeing God’s promises over you for this new season. My wife had a vision that the horses like in the Kentucky Derby were being led to the starting gate. Each handler was leading their horse into the Gate. She saw the last horse being led in and at that point the bell goes off and the gates swing WIDE OPEN. The lord was saying to her this Tabernacles is the timing when God’s Gates will swing wide open for those who honor and celebrate His Feast of Tabernacles. I decree and declare the gates swing wide open for you today!

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