Field of Dreams

ELUL Day 6

Field of Dreams! “If you will build it they will come” is a famous phrase from the iconic movie. Elul is the 6 month from the Biblical month of Nissan which is when the Feast of Passover is celebrated and the 12 month of the Jewish(civil) calendar. This is time when in the book of Ruth in the Old Testament, Boaz the King went to his field to take care, to minister to his people. Notice that Ruth got up and went to Boaz’s field. If we are going to experience the Kings favor during this season we must go to his field. He has prepared for us a table in the presence of our enemies. In the King’s field there is forgiveness, provision, restoration, protection, and favor. Today is the day to get up and go toward Yeshua’s field. He is no closer to you than today. “All who are heavy ladened come unto Me and I will give you rest.” Shalom!

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