Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

This has been the Biblical month of Tammuz to be sure and be thankful. So in doing Debbie and I have made a pack to wake every morning Thanking G-d for 100 things daily. Like I went to have my car worked on, when finished the mechanic told me I didn’t have to pay him. I said, “really!” He said, “he felt like he wanted to seed into our ministry.” So, what I would of paid him, I gave to ministry we support.

My challenge is to be Thankful. Rabbi Yosef Schneerson has said, “ the words and feelings of gratitude that we express to G-d for the blessings we already have in our lives actually become the vessels and vehicles for new blessings and abundance to flow into our lives.”

I challenge you to wake up every morning and start out with, “I am thankful for:”

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