Lagging Behind Is The Enemies Attack

Moving from Passover to Pentecost (counting the Omer.) Are You being left behind? Are you Lagging Back? Many years ago while Pastoring I had a reoccurring dream. In the dream Debbie and I were hiking up steep inclines, down into valleys and back up to higher ridges in the landscapes. People were walking with us and some were keeping step and some where following. But there were those who were lagging behind. In the dream I asked God why they were lagging. He said they do not like change and they would be left behind, this was there choice. This birthed my phrase saying, Go with the Goers.”

Many scholars in Ancient Hebrew thought, believe when the Israelites crossed over from Egypt to Canaan there were some who did not do so. Many did not sacrifice a lamb and put the blood on their door post. There were many who lagged and just didn’t want to leave the enslavement of their past. This is where, on our journey with God we must be careful of murmuring and complaining. Out of seven of Israel’s enemies their was one that God said you must utterly destroy. They were the Amalakites. They would not attack the whole nation or even Tribes. They preyed on the ones who were lagging back. Some where lagging because of disease or age. But others lagged back because of negative, murmuring and complaining. Amalak means, “discouragement, slow to respond, or Frozen”.

In This journey of 50 days from Passover to Pentecost, where ever you find yourself, in business, relationships, ministry, or life one must destroy the Amalak in your life. As long as we complain we open our selves to being in a rut of no direction and destiny without purpose and movement.

My prayer for you is God’s supernatural grace to overcome and see the future and be filled with hope, anticipation, and Joy.

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