What To Do When The Leader is MIA?

Last Wednesday evening at sundown we began the fourth Biblical month of Tammuz.  Why should that be important to both Jews and Gentiles who follow Yeshua as Messiah and Lord?  Because there are three different “Moadims”, (Hebrew for meeting with God) where God wants us to commune and worship Him.  They are,  The Feast of the Lord, Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles,  the New Moons which begins each of the twelve months of God’s calendar, and Shabat the seventh day of the week to rest and worship God, His Son, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit.  

People ask me all the time, “I thought that was Old Testament and was done away with the New Testament?”   Well, NO, because Yeshua is our exampled and he lived His earthly life by following these cycles, seasons, and timing.  The apostle Paul did so too and so did the Apostles.

Without going into a long dissertation about the month of Tammz, I just want to give you a brief overview so you know how to set your month with FOCUS God.  The sixteenth day of Tammuz which in the Western Gregorian Calendar is June 29 is the anniversary when Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai with Tablet in hand of God’s Ten Covenants for His people.  Imagine the leader has been on the Mountain for 40 days.  The first two of those forty days was Pentecost when God wrote His covenant with His finger on the stone tablet.  Then for the next 38 days Moses is with God and he is writing God’s Covenant down word by word to give to His people.  Moses is listening to God and writing verbatim the Torah.  Wow,  what focus.  But I guess if you and I were in God’s Holy Presence we would be focused too.

So, Moses comes down off the Mountain so anointed and must have been on one major spiritual high and finds that back home with his people, they’ve forgotten what God has done to deliver them from 400 years of enslavement.  They go back to worshiping idols.  They had made themselves a golden calf.  Moses is so angry he smashes the Tablet with God’s Ten Covenants on the Ground.  God’s response is to kill all the Israelites. Moses pleads with God if your going to kill anybody, kill me.  Moses reminds God, how is it going to look to Egypt and the other Nations if you kill the people you set free?  

So here is the Application.  During this month be looking for and follow the leadership of God through His Word, the Holy Spirit, and faith and trust in God’s promises.  Don’t be like the Israelites who went back to darkness when their was lack of Spiritual leadership in their sight.

Secondly, each Hebrew month has a Hebrew letter of Alphabet which corresponds with it.  This month it “chet”.  Which is a picture of Light or Darkness.  The first mention of this letter is found in Genesis 1.  There was darkness on the earth and it was filled with choas and was void.  Then God spoke, ” light into darkness.”  Light is where the first letter chet is written.  Notice darkness brings confusion, chaos, and lack of vision.  Listen to God’s voice to bring Light into your situation.

Thirdly,  This is the month to ramp up your worship.  Unlike the children of Israel when they could not see their leader and went back to worship a graven image, this is the time for us to break out in Worship, Praise and Thanksgiving.  Our Worship will like in Genesis 1 speaking light into darkness.   In fact every where we go we should be speaking Light into Darknss.   

May God Bless you and keep you, May the Lord lift His countenance upon you, May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and give you Shalom (Peace.)

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