Feast of Pentecost 2018/5778

Shavout and Pentecost 2018

Saturday evening at Sundown begins the Feast of Pentecost 5778/2018 and goes through Monday evening at sundown.  This is a time we celebrate God’s giving of the Torah and Yeshua’s out pouring of Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).  Exodus 20 is the first mention of the Feast of Pentecost in the Old Testament.  It was the giving of the Torah (Ten Commandments) on Mt. Sinai.  Pente means 50 in Greek and in Hebrew the numerical value of 50 “Kohl”  means “bread without scarcity; in your land you will lack nothing.” There were 50 days from Israel’s Red Sea Exodus journey to Mt Sinai.  This is when God wrote His Covenant upon the Tablet and birthed Israel as a Nation.  Rabbi’s teach that this was giving of the Torah.  Like with Acts 2, on Mt Sinai there was Thunder, an earthquake, fire, and God’s Covenant (law) given.  Unlike Acts 2, 3000 were killed for their disobedience and worshiping the golden calf.

Acts 2 refers to the New Testament Feast of Pentecost.  Like Israel’s journey of 50 days, our Lord Yeshua was on this earth 40 days following his Resurrection.  Then He told 520 disciples to gather in Jerusalem until the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) was poured out.  One hundred twenty obeyed and tarried there.  On the tenth day which was 50 days from His Resurrection, Yeshua poured out Holy Spirit on all flesh. Just like in Exodus 20 the earth quaked, there was thunder, and flames of fire flickered on their shoulders and they heard the Gospel message of Yeshua in their own dialect.  This was the birth of the Church and instead of 3000 losing their lives, 3000 were added to the church that day.  The reason Jerusalem was so filled with people is because of God’s commandment to Israel that three times a year Israel were to come to the Temple and bring a Feast offering and worship God on His Feasts.  Nowhere in Scripture does God call His Feast Jewish Feast.  They are His Feast and are to be honored and participated for all believers both Jew and Gentile.

Thus Shavout and Pentecost are the same holiday.  Shavout in the Old Testament is the culmination of Jews counting 7 weeks (49 days) from the Red Sea.  At Pentecost Jesus last words were for the Disciples not to leave Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit comes.  It was at the very day of Pentecost in Acts 2 that the Jews were at the temple celebrating Shavout.  They were obedient to the word of the Lord to bring their First Fruit Offering to the Lord on Shavout according to Leviticus 23.  The Apostle Paul understood this importance.  In Acts 20:16, Paul was bound to make it to Jerusalem knowing the importance of God’s command not to miss Pentecost and the giving of his First Fruits offering.  In Deuteronomy 8:6-20, God promises that when the Jews make it to the Promise Land they are not to forget the commandments of the Feasts.  The land would be filled with many blessings and milk and honey.  When they got there He would give them power to gain wealth, verse 20.  In fact in Jewish tradition, they pray at the end of the meal instead at the beginning after they are full.  Then they give thanks.

Malachi 3 is a conversation between the Jewish people and God.  The children of Israel gathered in a great convocation to inquire of God why they keep getting exiled?”  They asked God, “How do we keep the enemy from destroying us?”  And God said to them, “it is how you return to Me…by bringing your Tithe and Feasts offerings. “Three times a year do not come to me empty handed on my Feasts.”  By this, God’s promise is that He will rebuke the devour and keep him away. Prove God and see if He will not open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings more than Israel could withhold.  If one believes in God’s blessings then one cannot  ignore the curses also.  The power to gain wealth is in the Old Testament and the power being Filled with Holy Spirit is in the New Testament.  Power in Hebrew means, strength, wealth, influence, ability to judge situations correctly, to ascend in strength and influence with God given wisdom.  Another words God’s divine leadership.  Holy Spirit has infinite wisdom.  Prosperity is a God thing giving us power through wisdom and knowledge.  Power is in your hand so you will know it is God and by God.

YOD is the Hebrew word for power, supernatural, and presence and it looks like an apostrophe.  The Hebrew word for hand is YAD.  But when you take the vowels out of the Hebrew words it changes the meaning.  Y D  means an open hand.  The Hebrew word for DaY is enough.  Look closely, it is open hand spelled backwards which is a closed hand. Another words, I have enough and I don’t need anymore. God is saying at the Feast of Pentecost don’t come empty handed.  Come with an open hand not closed. Allow God to give you wisdom and knowledge to give a long life, riches, joy, and happiness.  Yida in Hebrew is wisdom, to know not to come with an empty hand to God.  The Hebrew name of Shavout Offering according to Malachi 3 means, “A DIVORCE FROM THE CURSE OF EGYPT.”

 What a great month God has prepared for us to walk in His divine timing with our First Fruits giving.  Thank you to our partners and prayer warriors that keep us before the Lord.  We have felt your prayers and have had increased opportunities to minister and teach this past year the hidden mysteries of Jewish Roots.  To those in the Memphis area, we look forward to being there in the month of June.  Your continued prayer and support helps us in our ministry and we greatly appreciate your faithfulness to us.

For those new to our ministry who would like to become a monthly partner and those who would like to sow a Feast of Pentecost / First Fruit offering into Wellspring Israel, you may do so the following ways:

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Thank you again to each and every one who continually support us monthly.  We cover you daily in prayer with Blessings.  Much love, Jim and Debbie Laymon

Shabbat Shalom.

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