Out of the Box!

So blessed this morning by our Pastor Larry Huch who taught on the land of Israel and it’s people. At the end of the service New Beginnings Church gave $250,000 to Keren Hayesod and organization to fund Jewish people in helping them return (Aliyah) to their promise land given to them by God. The two men receiving the check, Josh, from Dallas who made Aliyah in 1999 is now a member of Israeli’s Knesset and voted one of the most 50 influential men in Israel. Along with Moody who is the president and CFO of Keren Hayesod. I could listen to these two men speak for hours. The Biblical wisdom coming from them is truly amazing. Yet, it is sad to me that much of the American Church would not receive their wisdom because in their eyes they have been replaced by the Christian Church replacement theology. Yet is it not God’s word that the one new man is Jew and Gentile and that the Gentiles have been grafted into the Olive Branch?
While at lunch today Debbie and I were discussing this when I said,”how sad much of the Church in America would not give them a thought because in it’s eyes these men don’t recognize Yeshua as Messiah.” Debbie made a deep and profound statement, “Whose to say they don’t? There wisdom comes from Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) and the TaNakh (rest of Old Testament.) If Yeshua is the Logos, the living word then they do receive Him!” When she said it, we both took a long pause, because we knew it was of the Spirit of God.
Now that thought is certainly out of the proverbial Evangelic/Christianeese Box. Something to think about!
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