Why Do Jewish People Believe Cremation Is Wrong?

For in depth article on “Why do Jews forbid Cremation go to: Chapad.org, look up the article death and morning. Here is a overview of the article:To sum up:
· is a transgression of a Biblical law to bury our dead,
· demonstrates a rejection of G‑d’s supreme “ownership” over all of Creation,

· violates our legal responsibility to return what was loaned to us (our bodies) in as wholesome a state as possible,

· constitutes a rejection of the Jewish belief of tzelem Elokim (created in G‑d’s image),

· constitutes a rejection of the Jewish belief in resurrection of the dead,

· (if done voluntarily, knowing fully the responsibilities) will cause the body not to be included among the Jewish People when the time of resurrection arrives,

· violates the biblical prohibition of following heathen practices,

· upends the soul’s natural separation and acclimation process, thus causing it additional untold pain,

· deviates from Jewish history and our forebears’ and contemporaries’ selfless and heroic efforts to properly bury our dead, and

· declares, in effect, that once the soul has departed the body, the lifeless body has no further value.

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