Feast Of Pentecost

Last night we entered the Third Biblical Month of Sivan
This month is an Appointed Time (Moadim) of Pentecost- Giving of Torah, called Shavuot (oaths or covenant)
Hebrew Alphabet : ZAYIN- receiving God’s mercy for completion
Tribe: Zebulum, the business person’s month
Characteristics: Sivan is the month of Giving
The month of receiving your boundaries.
The month to be merciful
The month to alignment (Moses, Miriam, Aaron)
The month to connect your talk with your walk (Proverbs 10:9) thereby making continious, ongoing progress in order to move from one level of strength to the next.
Sivan is the month of Pentecost, Shavout which is the second of the three major feasts each year. Pentecost is a threefold feast, celebrating God’s provision.  
1. This Feast commenmorates the ingathering of the wheat harvest (God’s Physical Provision), 

2. the giving of the Torah,(God’s provision of Revelation which took place on Mt Sinai at the time of Pentecost,) 

3. and the provision of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.

For the Jewish people, as for us today, the giving of the Torah and God’s Word is not just a spiritual event, but one that touches the very essence of our lives. In ancient times sages compared it to a wedding between God and His people, because Shavuot means “oaths.” God literally swore eternal devotion to His people while they, in turn, pledged lasting loyalty to Him.
Shabbat Shalom

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