A Season of Squezzing:

In the Biblical Calendar we are in a time and season called “Between the Straits.”  This is a three week period between the 17th of Tammuz (July 24th) and the 9th of AV (August 13th).  The significance of this time is the commemorating of the breach and destruction of the first and second temples.  For the Jewish people it is a time of fasting and mourning.  It is the lowest time of the Jewish Calendar.  It is a time for one to repent and reflect on the broken vows one has made to man and the Lord.  The 10th day of AV is exactly forty days from Shavout, The Feast of Pentecost.  

This then is a three week time when we should be thanking God for His grace in our lives.  For it is by grace we are saved.  How many times have we broken promises and vows to God and Man.  God does not take these things lightly.  Yeshua bled seven ways and seven places to break the punishment and curse of these broken vows.  Yeshua paid a debt I could not pay.  This is also the anniversary of Moses who was on the Mount Sinai for forty days in the glory presence of God.  When he didn’t come down off the Mountain at the prescribed time, the Israelites broke covenant and began worshipping a golden calf. 

So let us walk this three week period giving thanks for God’s grace and forgiveness.  Thanking him for the broken promises and vows we’ve made in our life and this past year have been wiped away.  Walking in authenticity where are walk lines to our talk.  And are talk lines up with are walk.  

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