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The tribe of Zebulun: Month of Sivan
Zebulun was the sixth son of Jacob and Leah. His name means: “a habitation” from the root word, which means, “to dwell in an exalted fashion.”  Leah’s hope was since she had given Jacob six sons, he would show her honor by dwelling with her.Jacob prophesied that Zebulun would dwell by the seashore with his farthest border near Sidon, a major sea center of trade. Moses prophesied to Zebulun and Issachar together that Zebulun would rejoice in going and Issachar stay in the tents. They would bring in the abundance of the sea and the hidden treasures of the sand.
Zebulun was a tribe faithful to the Lord. There is no mention by name of the tribe of Zebulun in the account of the massacre at Shechem or of selling Joseph into slavery. Zebulun is not mentioned in any of the rebellions in the wilderness.During the time of the judges, Zebulun with both Deborah and Gideon, Elon the Zebulanite, who judged Israel for 10 years.  Fifty thousand men from the tribe of Zebulun came to help David at Hebron and served him “with an undivided heart.” This was not said of any other tribe of Israel. At David’s coronation, they brought provision for the feast.

When Hezekiah held his Passover, men of Zebulun “humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem.”
In Joshua’s allotment of the the promise land, Zebulun was given the North. Ezekiel’s allotment was given to Zebulun in the South, along with Issachar. So they border the Mediterranean Sea.  Ezekiel’s prophesy of the New Jerusalem, Zebulun is stationed at one of the South gates of the city along with Issachar and Simeon.

Note: When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He went to the region of Zebulun, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 9 that the people who had been in darkness would see a great light. This tribe is linked with bestowing blessing and with the ability to profit through maritime trade. THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO BREAK INIQUITY OFF OF TRADE/BUSINESS STRUCTURES AND MULTIPLY.  They developed and filled storehouses for provision, which was one of their roles. They also responded positively to the Appointed times and season of the Lord.   The tribe of Zebulun had incredible redemptive qualities.  

They were: humble, loyal, hard workers, They knew who they were and how they were connected.  

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