Gross Domestic Product Proves God’s Blessings

Tonight at Sundown is the last opportunity one has to give a Passover Offering to the Lord.  For the past 30 days we have been walking in the appointed time of God, a time of GRACE.  Because God doesn’t want to miss His Blessing you.  Today is called in the Biblical Calendar, Pesach Sheni, a second chance.   In this Pesach Sheni, if you will bring an offering on the Feasts of the Lord, not to come empty handed, God says, I will bless you like I promised in my Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Do you really believe that God blesses both Jew and Gentile who practice giving at the Feasts of the Lord?

Look at the Nations, State, or Government’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  The more the population, the greater the GDP.  So the state of Georgia has eight times the population of Rhode Island.  Therefore Georgia’s GDP is eight times more than Rhode Island.  Because they have more people to work.  Let’s take a look at Israel’s GDP.  The five Nations surrounding Israel have a total populations of 100 million.  Israel has 5 million Jews living within it’s land.  So you would guess that those five nations GDP would be twenty times more, right?  Well, wrong.  Israel GDP is 20 times more than the Five Nations surrounding them, why?  Because when a nation follows Biblical principles in all it’s ways God will bless it.  

If you have not given a Passover Offering, I encourage you to do so now.  You don’t want to miss this Moa’dim, an appointed time to receive a 30 fold blessing.  And if you miss doing so you will have to wait until next years Passover.  This time between Passover and Pentecost, God sets over you blessings or judgments on your finances, business, increase, and abundance and prosperity.  You can give to our ministry online by going to:

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