Born in Revival and Awakening

I posted this last year.  It came up in my FB feed today.  God is steering in me signs and wonders of awakening again.

Yesterday I celebrated my 59th Birthday. My mother told me I was born during a revival. My parents pastored a church in Peoria, Illinois. She had fixed dinner for the family and Evangelist when I decided to be born. I have always loved the presence of God. I seek after Him and am drawn to Revival. We’ve experienced the Toronto Outpouring, Brownsville, and Lakeland, Florida Outpouring. While pastoring in Munford, Tn. we experience a prolonged Healing Revival. Saturday while riding on your Motorcycle we drove through Pilot Point, Texas where the Church of the Nazarene was founded after the Azuza Street revival in Pasadena, California. Yesterday morning I had a dream. I was Umpiring a Baseball game. The other umpires didn’t want to umpire home plate. They were afraid of the velocity of the ball and being hit with a pitch. So I put on the home plate umpire gear. And called the balls and strikes. The dream represents spiritual authority. Though I do not have a congregation or a platform, nor people to see or nurture, God is saying, “Your still in the game, not playing, but rulling, and reigning.” Because without the home plate umpire, there is no game. No one to call the balls and strikes. It represent’s Spiritual Authority in the Kingdom of God. I am thankful today that God still has a plan for my ladder days. America needs revival and it isn’t going to be like what we’ve experienced in the past ones. A revival of righteousness and Godly values. A revival of getting back and living the basics of morals and Godly principles. One final thought. Last week when our son, Michael was in Haiti, he met the local Voodoo witch doctor. He told Michael, “if your a christian, you need to serve God with everything you’ve got.” Another words, the evil world knows whether your luke warm or not.”

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