The Great Shabbat and Jesus Entering Jerusalem on a Donkey

Today in the Biblical Calendar is Called the Shabbat HaGodal which means The Great Shabbat. It is found in Exodus 12 when God commanded the Israelites to a lamb and bring into their house for 4 days. Then on the 14th day of Nisan (the first month of the Biblical Calendar, when God told them this shall be the beginning of months. In other words God just re-booted their history and lives since they were going to be set free from bondage for the past 400 years.)
Move forward to New Testament Matthew 21, Jesus enters Jerusalem what the church has called “Palm Sunday”. Which is actually the same day of Shabbat HaGodal, The Great Shabbat. The multitude is their (1000’s) to celebrate The Great Shabbat and Passover. They see instead of thousands of lambs in which the High Priest would look over and pick out the spotless one, they see not a four legged creature but a two legged Savior riding on a donkey and they scream, “Hosannah, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Hosannah means, “save us.” At Passover, Yeshua’s blood was shed to protect us from the death angel and protect our home and family.  
In Exodus 12 they were commanded to bring “a lamb” in (verse 3) into their home. In verse 4, they were commanded to bring “the lamb” into their home. And in verse 5, they were commanded to bring “your lamb” into your home.
The Great Shabbat- Hosannah, Yeshua, A Lamb, The Lamb, and Your Lamb into your home (heart).

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