This Wednesday evening begins the celebration of “Purim”.  Purim is the understanding how God works in the Old Testament of book of Esther.  Purim is a three day celebration of remembering when Queen Esther a Jewish orphan girl,  who God uses to become Queen of Persia and over turn the decrees of its King to annihilate the Jewish people by one of the Kings trusted Prime Minister Haman.  There are many lessons to be learned from the book of Esther.  This week I want to share some insights from it’s pages for one to consider during the political climate of our Nation. 

In the beginning of the book of Esther, King Ahashverosh makes a command that everyone in the Persian kingdom must party for 180 days, a half of year, drinking, eating, and partaking of drunken debaucharies in all its ways.  If the people of the kingdom decided not to participate they would be killed.  

What a great way to lead.  Feed all the people both those who like you and those who don’t with their fleshly appetites satisfied.  Giving them all they crave.  Thus leadership manipulates the masses with provision and the masses live in total dependency of the Ruler.  The King is great because he takes care of his subjects.  After a while it is expected.  Respect for leadership and rule is not based on Honor, Respect, Justice and self reliance, but upon manipulating the masses at the very core of its flesh, meat and drink.  

The second quality of Leadership I want to highlight in this blog is the way King Ahashverosh tries to parade his wife, Queen Vashti as his Trophy.  During the time of gagging his subjects with the wine and drunkedness, he then summons his wife to come to stand with him.  Knowing that his reasons are not honorable, other than to parade her off as a trophy to the kingdom, she refuses.  The infuriates the King.  Along with his closest c0nfidants input he decides to divorce and banish her from all the kingdom assets as Queen.  She now is a widow of the Kings material and emotional support. And to add injury to insult, the King declares everyone’s wife in the Persian kingdom is subject to her husband in the same like manner.  Thus controlling his kingdom not just through meeting the very base and fleshly desires of its people, but now controlling the sanctity of the home and marriage.

It is into the picture of this scene God has always got a plan.  He is preparing an orphan girl named Esther to become a savior to free the evil hate and bound age of God’s people.  Keep following my blogs this week as I reveal Gods redemptive plan to rescue and save his People during this season.   

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