Tonight at sundown we begin the Biblical Month of Chesvan. Why is that so important to Christians and Jews? For the last 7 years Debbie and I have lived our lives both ministry and business based on Biblical Calendar. It gives us direction on how to pray, act, and believe. Each month of the Hebrew Calendar is based on the Constellations and Characteristics both good and evil of a tribe of Israel.  
Chesvan is the only month in the Bible that is not connected with a Biblical Holy Day. We just came out of Tishri, the month of Blowing of Trumpets, Day of Atonement,and Feast of Harvest. The Beginning of the new year 5776. The convergence of the Shemitah year, Year of Jubilee and the Forth Blood Moon. This is the time of year when God Presence is the closest than any other time of the year. Yes, he is with us 24/7 but three times a year He ask us to join Him in celebration of his Covenant through Yeshua, Jesus. His presence is nearest during this time because like in Ruth, The King is in your field.
The month of Chesvan on the other hand is the celebration of going back to work and getting into the mundane daily routine of life. Like, after the Christmas Holiday and New Years celebration going back to school and work. What is significant about this month is God wants us to experience His Presence in the mundane grind of life. In the nineties God poured His Spirit out on our Church with many days of outpouring and extended services nightly for weeks. We saw many lives change for Christ along with Supernatural Signs and Wonders with Healing Miracles. But after a season of time, we had to get back to regular schedule of services and the normal discipling of the body of Christ. Many People didn’t like the change, because they couldn’t realize that God was wanting us to experience His presence in the normalcy of life.
Some significant things happened historically in the Bible during this month. This is the month God flooded the earth and one year later during this month, Noah’s family offered a sacrifice to God, the water reseeded. They left the Ark to begin the journey on solid ground. It also the month when God gave the sign of Covenant with Man by the Rainbow. 
In this month Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. This is a time for us to experience God’s presence in loss of life and disappointments. Our Son and Daughter in law lost a full term baby girl do to a complication three weeks ago. We as a family have experienced God’s love and grace through this.
Not only is God near in the high Spiritual Dimensions of our life, but he wants to be just as close and intimate with us in the mundane work of our lives. It is in the ordinary mundane things of our lives God wants to transform us to manifest Himself in supernatural accomplishments for us.
Therefore, we must not lose sight of the spiritual while we attend to the ordinary details of living. As we navigate this side of life, we must be aware of God’s presence and that we are called to serve Him in everything we do.

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