The Biblical Month of Nissan

The Hebrew month of Nissan or Abib is the first of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar.  Abib is a Hebraic term for the stage of growth of grain when seeds have reached full size.  The harvest was waived before The Lord this month.  Lev. 23: 4-11.  AS YOU PRAY FOR YOUR FIRST FRUITS giving and other offerings during this month, wave your gift before The Lord declaring that the fullness of your harvest is being secured and that every seed you sow will prosper in new ways.

This month is “Passover” month, when we trully cross over into a new season.  We are standing at our Promise land.  The old patterns of life, Pharoah, Egypt, wine skins, and ways of thinking have been holding bondage to the covenant promises of God.  This is the time to PASSOVER  into the new inheritance. Allow The Lord to deliver you from every hindrance that would keep you from entering into you place of blessing.

Every month of the Hebrew Calendar is linked to the twelve tribes of Israel.  The month of Nissan is linked to the Tribe of Judah.  Judah goes first in all the battles of Israel.  They are the apostolic tribe, warring tribe, who knew how to operate with sound and praise.  Judah goes forth in the battle with a sound of PRAISE!  Note:  This is also the time in the spring when Kings go off to war (2 Sam. 10:1)  When David should of been celebrating the Passover season and preparing for the Feast of Passover, he was looking at Bathsheba and fell into Adultry.   Allow this season to war for your covenant promises; do not hesitate to loose a sound of praise that will loose you a new dimension of victory and wholeness.  Chuch Pierce says this is a season, “to arise your faith, declare power in the blood of Jesus has set you free, and declare the path of healing and miracles.”

Traditionally the Hebrew Calendar first month was the month of Tishrei at the fall of the year during the Feast of Tabernacles.  But Exodus 21, says on the 14th day of Nissan God recalbrated the calendar.  This is because the month of Nissan is the month of Redemption and sacrifice in which the Israelites are saved from the death angel by the blood of the lamb.  So Yeshua is the spotless lamb, the passover lamb, giving the believer the newness of life and promise of eternity.

Nissan is associated with the Hebrew letter “Hei”, which signifies violent praise.  In the Hebrew alphabet, each letter represents a word picture.  Hei pictured is a violent wind blowing through a lattice over a window.  The wind of God blowing down on us every year.  Our mouth can be the lattice to the window of our soul.  It needs the wind of God’s spirit to blow through us this month.

Nissan is associated with our speech; the ability to express our deepest feeling and insights.  Be careful about making negative confessions during this month.  The negative confessions of this month are linked to the rest of the year.  Don’t let those negative confessions take seed in you.  Speak for the thankfulness of God for deliverance and miracles.  Thank God for delivering from past and be greatful for the miracles of this season.  Crossing over from bondage into promise land.  Make sure you thank him for continuing to deliver you.

The Hebrew calendar is based on the lunar or the Moon.  The reason for this, is God told Israel to bless the moon because in Egypt their gods and seasons where based on the Sun.  God was teaching His people to recalibrate on His time table, His seasons.   So it within the heavens and the galaxies that the Hebrew sages watch to declare God’s glory.  What better way to look to the constellations.  This month constellation is Aries, the ram (lamb), which is the very appropriate for the Passover.  The heaven’s delcare the God’s glory!  

Nissan is to put your best foot forward.  Israel was ready to leave quickly and follow the cloud of God and the pillar of fire.  They did not delay.  So step forth in strength and praise and consider where The Lord is leading you.  It is a time of the “New Year of Kings.”  This a month of political change.  

Nissan is a controller month.  A controller in a business enterprise or institution  is the chief accounting officer who has the authority to guide or manage economic acitivities or performance.  The fact that the tax system of our nation is linked to this month is no coincidence.   This is the month to learn to fish.  Jesus said that if you can’t pay your taxes, go catch a fish and get your tax payment out of the fish’s mouth..


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