The Desire of the Father

In parashat Chayei Sarah, Abraham seeks a bride for his son Isaac. Isaac serves as an illustration of the One who was sent to die according to the will of His father in heaven. Just as God decreed, before the foundations of the earth were even laid, to send the Messiah to die as the sinner’s substitute, so also was it willed ahead of time by God that Isaac should also be offered as a sacrifice. First Abraham decreed that Isaac should die as a sacrifice. Then Abraham, the godly father, desires to find a wife for the one whom he offered as a sacrifice.

Just as Isaac’s father, Abraham, desired to find a bride for his only son, so also does our Heavenly Father [if one may say] desire to find a Bride for His Son! Indeed, the Almighty has an eternal plan to find a bride for His Son, too!

The divine matchmaking plan involves a great deal of orchestration though. Each and every one of us is born with a natural capacity to reject the Good News of Yeshua. The Scripture states in Romans 3:10-11, “There is none righteous, there is none who understands, and there is none who seeks after God.” The Father is the One who seeks out those who are going to believe in His Son.

Just as Abraham sent his servant Eliezer to seek a bride for Isaac, the Father sends His Spirit to open people’s eyes so that they can understand His Word of salvation and to convict people’s hearts of their sin. Furthermore, God sends His angels to help protect and preserve the lives of all who are going to believe in His Son. Then, He sends human messengers all over the world to verbally communicate the message of His Son to all. Finally, in an inexplicable way, His love and grace overcomes all of His own in such a way that they really cannot refuse to place their faith in His Son. In essence, His incomprehensible love, grace, and mercy woo His bride to Himself.

All of those who believe in Yeshua are called “the Bride of Messiah.” Thus it is that the Father in heaven carries out His plan to find a bride for His Son.

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