The Month of Nissan

The month of Nissan is the first Hebrew month of the Biblical Calendar.   In Exodus 12 God told the Israelites before the Exodus and Passover, to re-calibrate their calendar to Yahweh’s.  This shall be the beginning of the year and the first month.  The Hebraic word for this is “Abib” which means First Fruits.  It means the seed is as big as it is going to be and is ready.  G-d wanted to re-calibrate the Hebrew’s way of thinking because for 400 years they had been in bondage and had a slave mentality.  So every year God re-calibrates our year to “put our best foot forward.”  To do this we must watch our mouth.  Our mouth must have its best foot forward and speak of things as though one is planting for the next 3 months harvest.  What you speak in this month is what you will receive in June, July, and August.  The Hebrew Mindset is a cyclical mindset.  The Greek mindset is the mindset of western culture is linear.  Thus, the month of Nissan every year is a new cycle for G-d to begin, so the fruit is fresh and in terms of salvation, redeemed.  Here is a quick over view of the Biblical Month of Nissan:

Appointed Times:  Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First fruits

Hebrew Alphabet:  Hei, Pictures wind, breath, and praise

Tribe:  Judah (means praise) The month of thanking G-d for deliverance

Characteristics:  Repentance, Redemption, and Beginning of Miracles

Watch your speech which provides the ability to express your deepest feelings and insights.  Also the month to put your best foot forward.

Constellation:  Aries, the (ram, lamb)- celebrate the Passover Lamb as heaven and earth connect.

Nissan is the month of the beginning of miracles.  Be thankful for all the miracles of the past and begin to thank God for the miracles during this month and new year.

As you celebrate Passover this month walk in supernatural insight and fulfillment.  Always walk with your foot forward.  Shalom and Blessings.

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