The Twelfth Biblical Month of Adar

Adar is the twelfth month of the Jewish calendar.  The word ADAR means, “strength.”  This is the month of good fortune for the Jewish people and is the month of joy.

The “JOY” of Adar is what makes this the “pregnant” month of the year.  Seven of the nineteen years of the Jewish calendar are “leap years.”  Which are pregnant with an additional month of Adar.

Adar is the month of Naphtali which means “sweetness to me.”  This is a time of celebration because any curse is overturned during this month and things become sweet.  Adar is a good month but also a dangerous month.  

This is the month that connects Purim to Passover.

This month of eloquent communication is also a time to get into the celebration mode of ending certain seasons of your life.  A lot of us never celebrate the endings.

The constellation for this month is Pisces, the month of the fishes.  You will find your supply in the hidden world.  The is the month that Jesus told  Peter to find the fish with the money in its mouth to pay their taxes.  This is identity for you you, which is linked to the invisible world, not the natural.

Some of us never tap into our identity in the supernatural.  We just stay in the natural.  Caution, don’t go through life and say I just want to be practical.  That means you will never tap into the supernatural.  That means you want to be accepted and conformed to this world’s standard.  This is the month to discover your gifts in the spirit realm and see the Lord conforming you by the Spirit.  Do not try to be something you’re not.  Identify and activate your gifts.  Demons know the identity that is written on us.


The Hebrew letter linked to this month is KUF.  This is the month to remove the masquerade so you can enter into laughter.  In other words, remove the mask you have been hiding behind so you can enter into the true joy of who you are.  A mask always stops the joy.

This is the month to overturn worry and anxiety.  In this learn that God wants to peel another layer off of you. that is the layer of worry and anxiety.  IF you are prone to worry and anxiety allow God to peel it off.  Remember this is the month that means “Hidden.”  Esther was behind the scenes waiting for her time in history.   God was waiting and working behind the scenes for her and the nation of Israel.

Another key to overturning anxiety is through the release of the supply.  If you remove that fretting aspect from your life, you can see the supply lines.

The sense of laughter, abounding joy, and light entering into darkness are characteristic of this month.
Whatever darkness is around you, laugh and watch God permeate the atmosphere.  Light can permeate darkness and barrenness can break.  THIS IS THE MONTH WHERE YOU FEAR SHALL LAUGH.

Develop you war strategy against the Anti-Christ spirit is critical this month.  When you study this in the Word, you find the concept of Amalek rising.  If you are not careful, the giants will produce fear in you and stop you from moving forward.  The enemy wants you to end the year with some sort of fear in you that keeps you from moving into the fullness of the next season.  Guard yourself from idolatry in this season as well.

Adar is the time for wrong decrees to be broken off of you.  Wrong spiritual decrees will attempt to surround you atmosphere.  Ungodly decrees that have been spoken over you, from past to present, will circle around and cause even people who love you to speak hurtful or negative words.  The atmosphere will be filled with that voice and you will find yourself repeating the same words over yourself.  You must take authority over these wrong decrees and speak God’s words and plans over you.

This is the time for leadership to be awakened.  God determines times and seasons, but satan tries to change them by trying to get us out of time.  That is why the Lord wants us to understand the times and tribes and months, so we can recognize God’s cycles in the earth.

The Lord has seedtime and harvest revelatory flow that is going to move us into of His plan.  When we are in God’s right timing we won’t fall prey to the enemy’s tactics to interrupt any longer.  We will stay in alignment with God and keep moving on to next years blessing.

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